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Five year old Carver sent Baby Yoda to firefighters as a gift and sign of appreciation for their efforts!

Carver, only five years old, heard about the wildfires burning through towns and countrysides throughout the world. He was devastated to see his own hometown in Oregon being burned and smoked out.

He told his grandmother Sasha Tinning he wanted to help out the frontline workers who were fighting the fires according to CNN.

So, his grandmother took Carver to buy groceries and donations for the fire squads and Carver was more so fixed on a Baby Yoda Doll he found in the toy aisle. It was his idea send the firefighters the new friend.

He packaged up the Baby Yoda Doll with a handwritten note and sent the doll on it’s journey. The firefighters loved it and now take it along with them on missions and pass it along to other firefighters and workers.

Hear about Ella Robinson, another incredible young person who we interviewed. Ella donated handmade crochet hats for newborn babies to Chester County Hospital.

The photos below have been granted permission to share by the Baby Yoda Fights Fires Facebook page.

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