Deanna and Justin In The Morning

5:30am - 10:00am

Dungeons & Dragons. Minecraft. Call of Duty. You can have it all! A new gaming cafe is open in Newark, Delaware. Save Point USA has something for every type of gamer. You can find E-sports, Virtual Reality, a gaming lounge, cards and board games. Time to level up with Save Point!

Save Point is hosting a variety of different specials throughout the month of August.

  • Sundays- Smash Bros. Tournament
  • Mondays- Monday Fighting Games- Open Play, Magic The Gathering Events
  • Tuesdays- Twos Day $2.22/hour ALL DAY, Dungeons & Dragons
  • Wednesdays- Anime Meetup, Cosplay for 25% off Game Time
  • Thursdays- Threes Day $3.33/hour ALL DAY, Pokemon & Yu-Gi-Oh! Events
  • Fridays- Friday Night Fight: Tournament
  • Saturday- Dungeons & Dragons

With the majority of any type of gamer’s cafe being in Philadelphia or New York, this brings a great opportunity to Delaware for anyone into the electronic entertainment.

Located at 238 Peoples Plaza in Newark, Save Point is open from 1pm-11pm every day.


Check out  their website  for more info.