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There are so many myths behind drinking coffee! For example that it can help you lose weight or that if you drink it often you are actually shortening your lifespan. Recently USA Today found a few experts and asked if they could “bust” some of these myths for all the coffee lovers out there.

As far as losing weight with coffee goes, Katherine Zeratsky, who is a dietician at Mayo Clinic, says caffeine can increase your metabolism. However, that doesn’t mean coffee alone can contribute to weight loss by itself. As far as being healthy in general Edward Giovannuci, who works for Harvard, says two major studies have linked coffee with decreased risk of several types of cancer and also Type 2 diabetes.

According to, those health benefits aren’t always there. If you are pregnant for example, caffeine has been linked to pregnancy loss. Other myths that are untrue include: dark roasts aren’t the most caffeinated, coffee alone will not stunt your growth, and it won’t single-handedly shorten your lifespan. It should also not dehydrate you unless you are drinking more than 2 cups a day.