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If you want to save money on your food expenses, the best way to start is obviously stop eating out. Even if you get all of your meals from the grocery store, there is a chance you’re wasting a lot of unnecessary time while shopping.  According to, here are some tips for making your trips to the grocery store as cost effective and quick as possible:

  1. Don’t Shopping on the Wrong Day: When you start a routine it’s likely you’ll always go to the store on the same days. Make sure the day you choose allows you to maximize on deals the store has to offer.
  2. Always Have A List: If you don’t have on, chances are you’re wasting time and money. You’ll buy things you don’t need and forget things you do. A list will also help determine your overall budget for the trip.
  3. Don’t Shop For The Recipe: Chances are, not everything on the recipe list is on sale. If you plan your meals around the sales you are more likely to save. If chicken is on sale and beef isn’t, maybe make chicken tacos instead.
  4. Buy Before You Run Out:  If you buy when you’re completely out of something you aren’t buying it at it’s cheapest. Stock up when you see a sale!
  5. Sign Up For Rewards: Most of the rewards programs are free! Then by simply buying products you will receive discounts. Some could even save you money at the gas pump.
  6. Drop The Brand Loyalty: If you stick with the same brand every time you’ll pay premium prices just to stay brand loyal. Just get the cheapest alternative that also meets the same quality standard.

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