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A study by Ben-Gurian University has found that young people feel like they truly need their music playing while driving. According to, younger drivers said that it is more difficult for them to concentrate on driving and road conditions without music.

Researchers polled drivers from age 18 through 29 and found that 80% had said they find it “nearly impossible.” Most even said that once they arrive at their destination they will continue to let their music play until the current song is finished.

Almost everyone polled, 97%, said that they like to listen to many short songs while on a long car ride. 65% said they like to listen to fast pace music while driving to work. 76% said that dance music was perfect for when they were on vacation or for a holiday. And 90% said they’ll listen to “upbeat” dance music while driving to a party.

The most interesting part about these findings was that young drivers seem to believe all of the stimulation is helpful and doesn’t hinder their driving abilities. Researcher Warren Brodsky doesn’t seem to find this to be a positive quality. He states, “they don’t question how the type of tunes they play might affect their concertation, induce aggressive behavior, or cause them to miscalculate risky situations.”