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English musician, singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Pete Townshend of rock band The Who, UK, 27th November 1972. (Photo by Jack Kay/Daily Express/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

Today is Pete Townshend’s 76th birthday! And to celebrate today’s jumpstart song was from his 1980 solo album Empty Glass. It reached the 10 top songs on billboard that same year, peaking at #9. It was Pete Townshend’s only top 10 song that was part of his solo career. Of course, there were plenty of hits from his band The Who.

Pete has always been known for his loud guitar anthems which is why his manager originally wanted this song cut from his solo album. The problem was it just didn’t sound enough like the rest of his music, Townshend referred to the song as “just a ditty” and didn’t seem to take it very seriously.

Townshend along with The Who were inducted into the Rock n Roll hall of fame in 1990. The Who have a new box set of their albums available now on Amazon called, The Who Sells Out, which is perfect for any Who fan. They also have several tour dates scheduled for later in 2021.

Pete Townshend - Let My Love Open The Door (Original)

Pete Townshend - Let My Love Open The Door (Original Video 1980)