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If you were looking for something new to try, this Beer Garden Is Serving Up A $700 Burger in Philly .

Yes, you read it right.

Not only do they have a $700 burger on their menu but they also have an $85 burger and a $2.95 burger as well.

They are definitely appealing to all sorts of appetites.

Now what exactly is on the $700 burger that makes it so expensive?

6ABC’s Alicia Vitarelli called it the “Maserati, the Chanel, the Rolex of Burgers”. It’s really called “The Gold Standard” and it’s available at the Drury Beer Garden in Center City Philadelphia (now called DBG).

It’s an A5 Wagyu burger with Italian caviar, black truffle, and lobster meat. All of that is flambeed with Louis XIII liquor. The bun is gold plated with edible 24k gold, and it’s all served with a 1oz pour of Louis XIII to go with it.

Now if this is a little outside of your price range, they do have a happy hour Smash burger available at $2.95.  They also offer more mid-range priced items for what you’d expect in Philly including an ice cream burger, a lamb burger, and about 10 other burger choices in between.

The question on our minds is, if we can get a $700 burger in Philly, then what’s next? It’s definitely creative that’s for sure. Would you try it?


Delaware's Best Burger Is In Newark

What is a burger?  Merriam Webster defines a burger as similar to a hamburger, which is defined as ground beef or a patty of ground beef used in a sandwich split typically by a round bun.  Nowadays, you’ll find tofu burgers, turkey burgers, Impossible burgers, among other concoctions.  But, when it comes down to Delaware’s Best Burger, where should we go?

The crew over at Eat This Not That did the work for us detailing where to find the best burger in each state across the country.  Burgers are a go to here in the US, whether you grab one from a food truck, at a drive thru or grill your own at a backyard bbq at home.  Hamburgers in my opinion are best with cheese, fried egg, bacon, mustard and ketchup.  Yes, things get messy.  So, where is the best place to find a burger here in the First State?

According to this study, the best burger in Delaware is right here in Newark, so you won’t have to go too far to find it.

Our friends in neighboring states can find out where to find their states best burger listed below.  We’ve included Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York and Ohio.

Not lookin for Delaware’s Best Burger?  You can see the full list of the best burger in every state across the US here.


  • Delaware

    Hudson Valley Foie Gras Burger at Two Stones Pub in Newark

  • Maryland

    McHenry Burger at Vagabond Sandwich Company in Bel Air


  • New Jersey

    Holypeño at Diesel and Duke in Montclair


  • Pennsylvania

  • New York

    The Emmy Burger at Emily in Clinton Hill

  • Ohio

    Ace Burger at Flavor 91 Bistro in Whitehall


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