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10 Most Stressed Out Pennsylvania Cities Rankedrounds off the top ten. Steel City had the second highest loss to property value, with Zillow data showing that the average house price lost -1.5 percent in the last year.

We’re not stressed, you’re stressed! No, but really. If you live in these areas you may already be aware that these are 10 most stressed out Pennsylvania cities ranked from most to least.

Living in a large stage means lots of highways. This is one of the contributing factors to every day stress that most people experience.

If you live in Pennsylvania and you have a long commute, raise your hand!

Most people living in Pennsylvania have endured the daily struggles of the horrible bumper-to-bumper traffic.

Leafwell took the latest information from the Census Bureau, the BLS, the CDC, Google, HUD, and the Federal Reserve to analyze seven key metrics and uncover which area is the most stressed out.

Where do you think your city falls on the list?

To figure out each city’s standing, the metrics included Google searches for common stress-related search terms, such as ‘stress relief’ and ‘stress remedies,’ employment metrics including unemployment rates, commute times, and household incomes, changes to housing prices, and the number of uninsured citizens, and gave a combined maximum stress score of 80.

Mitch Doucette, Ph.D., Director of Research at Leafwell commented, “The results from this study offer revealing insights into how causes of stress can range widely from each area.”

No need to stress any further, we’ve got the 10 Most Stressed Out Pennsylvania Cities Ranked so you can see where you fall, if you’re on here at all.


  • 1. East Stroudsburg

    East Stroudsburg also has the highest Google search volume for stress-related searches such as ‘anxiety’ and ‘anxiety symptoms’ in the state. In addition to this, it has the ninth longest commute to work, at 28.5 minutes.

  • 2. York

    York comes second with a stress score of 56.9 out of 80. It ranks fifth overall for unemployment, with 12 percent of its under-65 population lacking health insurance, surpassing the national average of 7.7 percent.

  • 3. Norristown

    Norristown takes the third spot scoring 55.6 out of 80 and has 13.2 percent of residents out of work. This factor may be a partial cause for this municipality’s ranking of seventh in ‘HELOC’ Google searches – a HELOC is a revolving line of credit secured by the equity in a homeowner’s property, allowing them to borrow against that equity as needed.

  • 4. Johnstown

    Johnstown ranks fourth with a score of 54.3 out of 80. This city has the joint-highest unemployment rate of any area in Pennsylvania at 4.9 percent and the lowest median income at $31,200, less than half that of the state average of $67,587.

  • 5. Somerset

    Somerset receives a stress score of 53.5 out of 80 and rounds off the top five. This township has the highest searches for ‘HELOC’ per 100,000 residents in Pennsylvania, which signifies that residents may be feeling the economic pinch and are looking for ways to temporarily supplement their incomes.

  • 6. Lockhaven

    Lockhaven ranks sixth, scoring 53 out of 80, and has the fourth lowest median income in the state, at $37.662.

  • 7. Harrisburg

    Harrisburg comes in seventh and ranks third overall for stress-related Google searches, with most traffic coming from the terms ‘anxiety’ and ‘insomnia’.

  • 8. Easton

    Easton places eighth with a score of 51.3 out of 80 and ranks in the top 10 for both the highest unemployment rate at 4 percent and the longest commute at 27.7 minutes.

  • 9. Philadelphia

    Philadelphia ranks ninth, scoring 51.3 out of 80. The City of Brotherly Love ranks first for the longest travel time to work, at 33 minutes, and the highest loss to house price value in the past 12 months at -2.1 percent, which equates to around $5,000.

  • 10. Pittsburg

    Pittsburgh receives a stress score of 51.1 out of 80 and rounds off the top ten. Steel City had the second highest loss to property value, with Zillow data showing that the average house price lost -1.5 percent in the last year.

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