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VAN, TURKEY - FEBRUARY 08: Turkish Van cats sit in an enclosure at the Van Cat Research Center on February 8, 2018 in Van, Turkey. The famous Turkish Van Cat is one of the oldest domestic cats known, having lived in the Lake Van region of Eastern Turkey for centuries. The Turkish Van Cat has a distinct look with an all white coat sometimes just with a spot of color. The breed has three eye colors, blue, yellow and green, which are sometimes mismatched. The Van Cat research center was founded in 1992 with the objective of protecting the breed from gradual extinction. The facility provides health care and studies the breeds genetics. (Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images)

Working from home has many benefits: you can sleep later, there’s no commute, pants are generally optional. But there are a few pitfalls too. The Stych family’s cat keeps getting in the way so an HR complaint was filed against their “co-worker”. According to the memo, while Penelope has been great for “workplace morale,” her “continual insistence on attempting to (or succeeding in) shutting off the power strip and computer in the middle of work hours, insistence on stepping on the keyboard during critical company events, and general mayhem has resulted in significant loss of productivity.” Andrew Stych said he just wanted to cheer up his wife Sheila, who told POPSUGAR, “I love it, and it was well-deserved.”