Deanna and Justin In The Morning

5:30am - 10:00am

(Photo by Stephen Chernin/Getty Images)

Sorry to disappoint, he won’t be serving coffee at the show! 

You may remember Jason Berger of Wilmington. He was a barista at Starbucks downtown and an aspiring opera singer. A customer took a video of him singing opera on command, no warm up. It was incredible and the video went viral. If you need a refresher click here.

Little did we know, that was Jason’s last day at the coffee shop because he’s working towards his dream of becoming an opera singer.  The 28 year old had already been accepted into Opera Delaware’s Young Artist Program. He will spend two months immersing himself in the world of opera with seven other rising artists. There will be performances including one later this month! Jason and his fellow aspiring opera singers will perform as part of “Young Artists: Make a Scene” at the  Black Box Theater at Opera Delaware Studios in Wilmington on March 20th and 21st!  Both shows are at 7:30 pm. If you want to grab tickets and support Jason, here is the link!  “I just hope the audience isn’t disappointed because I’m not getting them coffee,” Berger says, “but these shows are going to be very exciting.”