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6th November 1966: American rock group The Beach Boys at the Finsbury Astoria. They are, (from left to right) Bruce Johnston, Al Jardine (front), Carl Wilson (1946 - 1998), Dennis Wilson (1944 - 1983), and Mike Love. (Photo by Clive Limpkin/Express/Getty Images)

Charles Manson and Beach Boys drummer, Dennis Wilson had a bizarre friendship…

The year was 1968. Beach Boy Dennis Wilson, had divorced his first wife Carol Freedman and was now living a rebellious and luxurious life in a huge house on Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, California. During the spring of 1968, whilst cruising the Sunset Strip, Dennis stopped to pick up two female hitchhikers. He invited them back to his pad for drinks and food. Back at his place on Sunset Boulevard, Dennis had begun talking to them about Transcendental Meditation, the benefits, lifestyle, how it all interested him.

The two hitchhikers responded to his spiel that they, too, look up to a spiritual leader, named Charles. After talking for a while, the hitchhikers had left his home and Dennis left for a night out on the town. Coming home, he pulled into his driveway to discover his lights inside were turned on and a school bus was parked outside his place. A small man paced toward him through the dim lit streets. Dennis called out and asked the man if intended to hurt him. Charles Manson replied, “Do I look like I’m going to?” and dropped to his knees, kissing Wilson’s feet once he reached him.

The display of affection and humility began the bizarre and unusual friendship between a cult leader and a Beach Boy.

Wilson Opened His Home to Manson’s Family…

As Dennis begun sharing his property to Manson, Manson began sharing Dennis’s hospitality to the 20-30 female companions and group members that were involved with Charles. Initially, Dennis didn’t really care. Rock N Roll icons were accustomed to hitchhikers, squatters, and all the partying that came with that sort of career. Besides, Manson was also a musician, so they had quite a lot in common. Dennis basked in Manson’s unusual ideas of how the world operated. He also basked in the LSD that was shared, and the women that always came by.

Manson, at the time, was looking to land a record deal. So Wilson took it upon himself to introduce Charles to his musical friends and industry leaders. Neil Young quotes him as an improvisational genius, and talent agents wanted to start a documentary about Manson and his “family.”

But Contrary to Neil Young, Other Musicians Found Him To Be A Creep

Doris Day’s son, Terry Melcher was a close friend of Dennis Wilson, and Manson primarily targeted him to impress him with some of his music. Melcher was a producer for Columbia Records and found Manson to be a flat out “creep.” His stare is what made Melcher avoid him. Along with Melcher, the rest of the Beach Boys weren’t fond of Manson. Singer of the Beach Boys, Mike Love wrote in his memoir that he went to Dennis’s house for dinner one night and came to find out that everyone was enjoying dinner naked that night. An LSD oriented orgy post dinner was too much for Mike to handle so he excused himself and was scolded by Manson. Through it all, Wilson truly believed in Manson becoming a star and connected him with the Beach Boys label to set up a recording session. This connection ended abruptly when Manson pulled out a knife on the studio engineer. Mike Love would also make note in his memoir that Wilson confessed that he had seen Manson at one point shoot someone and stuff the body down a well.

The Friendship Ends Between Wilson and “The Family”

Couple months pass, along with a couple thousand dollars, or should we say a hundred thousand dollars that paid for the “Family’s” food, medical bills and damages. As the friendship ended, some say Wilson retreated himself from Manson and left goodbyes for the landlord to handle. The house’s lease expired and “The Family” was evicted. But others have suspected Wilson of kicking out the family himself. Either way, the friendship was left in the dust of Sunset Boulevard. On top of kicking out Manson, Wilson had become so angry and tired, that he stole one of Manson’s songs, “Cease to Exist” and renamed it “Never Learn Not To Love” and took sole credit for the record. Towards the end of 1968, The Beach Boys released Manson’s song and took credit for the song. This enraged Charles and triggered him to threaten Dennis. Manson took a bullet from his pocket and showed it to Wilson, suggesting it’d be worth his while to keep his children away from him. Dennis retaliated Manson’s threat by beating him up.

“Helter Skelter”

When 1969 rolled around, the genocide that Manson preached about started to take place after he finally snapped. He couldn’t land the record deal with Melcher, Dennis’s friend from Columbia Records, and Manson ordered “The Family” to kill everyone at Melcher’s property, the same house Melcher denied Manson of visiting when they first met. Melcher had moved out of that house months before Manson’s orders, so when “The Family” showed up, they found Sharon Tate (whom was married to Roman Polanski at the time) and her friends…. The next day “The Family” was ordered to kill Leno and Rosemary LaBianca.

Wilson Finds Out About the Murders

A few months after the murders, Dennis learned along with the rest of the world that Manson had committed such horrible killings, making all of Hollywood fear for their life. Mike Love would note in his memoir, he noticed Wilson carried the guilt of association to Charles Manson for the rest of his life and possibly triggered Wilson to act in such irrational ways that caused him to drown at age 39.

Ranking the Grossest School Lunches Submitted from Students Across the Country

Coming from public school in Wilmington, Delaware, I’ve had my fair share of school lunches. I ate school lunch every day and rarely ever packed my own. My school served pizza, mozzarella sticks, hoagies, mac and cheese, chicken nuggets, hot dogs, some stuff I wouldn’t touch, and other classic school lunches.

Part of surviving high school is finding which lunch line serves your favorite meals and ones that won’t upset your stomach or be too painful to put down. It’s about finding what you can eat literally every day for the next 4 years and make do. It’s really a humbling experience. Fortunately, my school served fairly average lunches and I didn’t really have to deal with any of the messes that were below a 5 in my rankings below.

These school lunches were submitted to a Reddit forum from around the country.

  • Cincinnati Style Chili... 3/10

    As described as eating wet sand on noodles. Since I’ve literally never seen spaghetti noodles in a bowl of chili before I’m giving this a solid 3/10. This isn’t something I’d pick up from the school lunch line just from the looks of it. I also just can’t stand the texture that was initially described in the post. 3/10.

  • Steak and Noodles 7.5/10

    I think this is a take on Beef Stroganoff except they forgot the sauce and any seasoning at all. Without the sauce, they’re going to lose a couple of points for that. But since there’s actually a ton of food here, I’m giving this 7.5/10 which definitely will put it in the lead for a while.

  • Pita Wrap 1.3/10

    This Pita didn’t even have melted cheese, let alone cheese evenly laid across the sandwich. Mystery meat. At least they got tater tots…they ate those. Absolutely a 1.3/10. The cheese is the kind that can’t even be melted and tastes a bit like plastic. The meat looks way too overcooked. And the ratio between everything is just so subpar. Fired in my opinion.

  • Unique Ground Beef Pizza 4/10

    This ground beef pizza is truly incredible. The sauce or thick cream that is on top really wraps it all together. Chef’s kiss. The cream almost made me gag looking at it. Would eat around it. 4/10.

  • Vegan Burger 5.6/10

    They really tried with this. A vegan burger which looks like two Portobello mushrooms as buns and mystery (maybe eggplant) vegetable in between. Somehow the pickle is on the outside of the bun? All together though, with a fork and knife, it may not be too bad. 5.6/10

  • Pancakes and Steamed Sausage 4/10

    Pancakes that look like regular cake it rose so high, and sausage that looks discolored and questionably still raw. I wouldn’t go near that sausage. But the cake looks doable. Very dry though so would need coffee, which isn’t particularly served at school lunch. 4/10

  • Weiner Soup 6/10

    Weiner soup isn’t what it was actually called, but it sure does fit the shoe. It’s a take on Beeny Weenies, which I actually don’t mind and will consume. 6/10

  • Soggy Chicken Pizza 2.7/10

    This one really sounds the alarms. I don’t know if this is just how they normally serve it, or if they were just feeling generous, but that is just far too much chicken for one slice of pizza and too many juices. 2.7/10 because it’s just a sloppy freaking mess.

  • Holiday Feast 6.6/10

    Now this one I won’t knock as much. The fact that they even switched it up from chicken nuggets and pizza to a “holiday feast” with turkey and gravy on mashed potatoes is definitely a step up. I’m giving them a 6.6/10 just for the switch up and actual meat being served.

  • Rice Meat 6/10

    I believe this is actually like a rice pilaf, but this student called it “Rice Meat”. I don’t mind this type of meal at all, and seems like it would actually have flavor. But the lack of contents within the bowl is a bit concerning and wouldn’t fill me. 6/10

  • Ham and Cheese Sandwich

    Man oh man. This receives an incomplete. This is unacceptable. Deli meats with ice? ICE? Let alone, a ham and cheese is so basic, it’s difficult to mess up. They get an actual 0/10

  • Pizza and Salad 7.7/10

    Okay, so it seems like they’re complaining in the post. Maybe they were expecting some sauce. Because at first look, reading that they were from Louisiana, I thought this was a fried fish plate… But the pizza has no sauce! The display is excellent, and the pizza ultimately looks like it won’t taste too too bad despite the lack of sauce. I’ll give it a 7.7/10 throwing it in the lead.

  • Unripe Banana

    How they could even hand these out? I do not know. Clearly, this banana is not ready to be eaten and probably has such an awful taste and texture. Mind you, it can’t even be peeled yet it’s so hard from being unripe. 0/10

  • Chicken Torpedo .4/10

    Uncalled for. They made this. I can’t call it incomplete because it’s cooked and has all the ingredients, it’s just lacking terribly. This is a .4/10

  • Chicken and Waffles 8/10

    Now this is what I’m talking about. This seems like a younger child’s breakfast which is absolutely phenomenal. I’ll put this in the lead with an 8/10. The chicken is real chicken. Comes with a nice sized chocolate milk, and the waffles are in a bag which is nice. I just wouldn’t think a school would even serve this ever.

  • Fried Chicken Sandwich 3.5/10

    A chicken patty sandwich with a deep air pocket when it was cooked. It’s probably so incredibly dry when you take that bite into it. No other ingredients are on the sandwich either. I’ll go 3/10.

  • Pea Soup... I Think -5/10

    -5/10 This looks so inedible I wouldn’t go anywhere near it. I think it’s pea soup but I can’t understand what the two raw egg looking things are. Is it raw eggs? God I hope not.

  • Thanksgiving Lunch 8.3/10

    Thanksgiving lunch at school was always a favorite of mine to be honest. But what this lacks is gravy. I know that turkey is so dry. At least the sides look great especially the pumpkin pie in the cup, that’s a really nice touch. With the gravy, I may have gone 10/10. But since it doesn’t have gravy, I’ll go 8.3/10 giving this the lead.

  • Bacon Egg and Cheese 4.5/10

    At least they gave 2 slices of bacon. And it looks crunchy too. But the cheese is criminal. It should absolutely be melted. It looks cold and gross. So 4.5/10 which may be a bit generous in some people’s books.

  • Burrito 1/10

    I don’t see it. I just don’t. A burrito? Where? This looks like my cat threw it up. 1/10

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