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PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA - OCTOBER 15: Members of the Philadelphia Phillies celebrate in the locker room after defeating the Atlanta Braves to win the National League Division Series at Citizens Bank Park on October 15, 2022 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The best place to watch Phillies playoffs is Citizens Bank Park, because of course it is!

But those tickets are almost impossible to get!

The Phillies put a limited number of tickets on sale for Friday’s first home game of the NLCS.   The tickets went on sale at 10am this morning (10/17/22) and sold out in minutes.   We have gone playoff crazy!  

Maybe you were one of the lucky ones to purchase tickets for:

  • NLCS Game 3- Friday, 10/21, 7:37pm
  • NLCS Game4 – Saturday, 10/22, 7:45pm
  • NLCS Game 5 – Sunday, 10/23, 2:37pm (if necessary)

So it looks like the three home games of the NLCS are SOLD OUT!

If you can’t go to any of these games I would suggest you don’t watch the games at home.   I know home is comfortable and you probably have a nice supply of beverages and snacks, plus a huge screen TV with surround sound in your “mancave” or “she shed”.   And staying at home to watch the game does not really cost anything and is safer.   But is it really as much fun without a large group of fellow Phillies fans?

Until this past weekend, I had forgotten the best place to watch Phillies playoffs is in a BAR!   (Maybe because the Phillies were not in the playoffs in a decade.)

And then with Covid and the months that followed, we just. stayed. home.  Many still avoid crowded settings.  It took ALL our fun away.

But after this weekend, I feel WE ARE BACK!

What a positive-upbeat-united feeling it was to watch this past weekends games at Miller’s at Granite Run Friday night and then the Chadds Ford Tavern when the Phillies won the NLDS!The Best Place To Watch Phillies Playoffs

So, get out to your favorite watering hole early, and grab a couple seats at the BAR!

Let’s GO!

New Foods Coming To Philly Stadiums

The Phillies are in the playoffs and the Flyers are kicking off their season this week. That means new foods coming to Philly Stadiums!

The Phillies return for their first home playoff game in over a decade this Friday and fans will be able to enjoy some amazing new grub at Citizens Bank Park.

The Flyers kick off their season this week with a new waffle cone you can see down below!

What’s Happening to the Abandoned NVF Building in Wilmington? Find out here.


  • Chickie’s & Pete’s Crabby Sweets

    Seasoned sweet potato fries served with sides of warm cinnamon-maple sauce and cheese sauce according to a press release. These will be available at Citizen’s Bank Park throughout the playoffs. A twist on a Philly staple!

  • Phillies Gobbler

    In-house carved turkey, homemade stuffing, and cranberry sage aioli on an Amoroso long roll with a side of turkey gravy according to the Philadelphia Business Journal. Be thankful inside the ballpark. This might be hard to eat at your seat so you may need to bite the sandwich and sip on the gravy.

  • S’more Milkshake

    Richman’s vanilla soft serve hand-spun with chocolate syrup, graham crackers, and marshmallow topping. A boardwalk classic comes to the Phillies homebase. Lets hope the weather is a little warmer if you are enjoying this treat.

  • CHEETOS® ‘n’ Waffle

    CHEETOS FLAMIN’ HOT® breaded chicken tenders wrapped in a buttermilk bubble waffle and topped with buttermilk ranch dressing. This item will be new for Flyers and Sixers home games this upcoming season according to a press release. 

  • Za’atar Cauliflower Cheesesteak

    The Sixers and Flyers will give fans a plant base option this season with this new item: the Za’atar spiced cauliflower steak topped with caramelized and harissa cheese wiz.


    Delaware's Favorite Full Size Candy Bars

    Delaware’s favorite full size candy bars are what kids and kids at heart want for Halloween!

    I know that that “fun size” candy bars are very economical, but the way I see it (at least in my neighborhood) there are not as many trick or treaters over the past few years.

    My wife and I have typically gone the “fun size” route and buy a variety of candy bars. And there are always leftovers that generally last until Thanksgiving! We eat ’em up! Yum!

    But this year and I am reconsidering. I want to be more my late neighbor Al!

    Al had an adventurous life to say the least! He was an aviator in World War II and when he retuned from from the war, he worked for Sun Oil Company.

    We met Al after he retired. In the morning my wife and her friends would walk our dogs and always stop by Al’s house for a visit. He was very charming with the ladies and would over feed the dogs with treats.

    On weekends when I would walk the dog, I would stop by Al’s house. Our pup Grace got plenty of treats for sure, and Al loved her. Al also loved scotch! So while Grace munched away, he would pour me a glass of Macallan 12 Year Scotch. Al would talk of his adventures in the war and his travels with Sun Oil Company to explore potential oil fields in the Arab world. One glass would turn into 3. Grace would return home sluggish from all the treats. I would return home somewhat “comfortable”.

    Al loved Halloween! He always had the most kids because he only handed out full size candy bars! Not just one. He would fill up paper bags with all time favorite full size candy bars!

    So when Halloween rolls around, I take the time to remember Al and his dog treats, the conversation, the friendship, the scotch and Delaware’s favorite full size candy bars!

    • #10. Baby Ruth

      Not named after the baseball legend. The candy maker said it was President Grover Cleveland’s daughter Ruth!

    • #9. Butterfinger

      Delaware's Favorite Full Size Candy Bars

      Back in the 1990’s it was Bart Simpson’s favorite.

    • #8. Almond Joy

      Almond Joys got nuts!  Mounds don’t.  So if ya feel like a nut, have an Almond Joy!  It’s been around since 1946!

    • #7. MilkyWay

      It was invented by Frank C. Mars in 1923.  The company says eating a MilkyWay gets you lost in their triple threat of caramel, nougat (still not sure what that is) and chocolate!

    • #6. 3 Musketeers

      Wait, there’s the nougat! This was my favorite when I was a kid when it cost a quarter! Whenever I had a quarter, it burned a hole in my pocket for this classic introduced in 1932.

    • #5. Twix

      Twix is one of the newer classics.  Launched in 1979, it’s a worldwide favorite selling over 160 million each year!

    • #4. Kit Kat

      As the jingle goes “Break me off a piece of that Kit Kat Bar”!  And with the full size, there are lots of pieces to share!  

    • #3. Snickers

      The Wordle answer here is TASTY!  (what did you think it was?)  It’s advertised that this candy puts you in a better mood and keeps the hanger werewolf away!

    • #2. Reeses

      My favorite impulse buy when waiting in line at the supermarket!  I always get the cups of course, but you can also get it in candy bar form!

    • #1. Hershey's Bar!

      Delaware's Favorite Full Size Candy Bars

      Does it get more classic than this? We all love our visits to Hershey Park where the chocolate is always in the air, and you gotta have one! Al always included this in his bag of
      full sizes!

      13 Haunted Attractions Close to Delaware

      13 Haunted Attractions Close to Delaware

      It’s almost October, and that means Spooky Season is upon us.  Haunted houses, hayrides, haunted walks and Halloween.  This is one of the most anticipated times of the year.   We look forward to summer all winter long and then we get sick and tired of the super hot weather.  It’s that time of year to trade in our bathing suits, flip flops and sunglasses for flannels, costumes and pumpkin spice EVERYTHING!

      No matter your age or your level of thrill tolerance, you should be able to find something for everyone.  Whether for a fun night out with friends, a haunting date night or for some weekend family fun.   Disclaimer:  some of these places are REALLY creepy, so make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into before going.

      My 14-year old son isn’t a huge fan of scary things and he absolutely loves Bates Motel.  By the time October comes to an end I will have heard “Can I go to Bates?” more times than I’d care to remember.  Haha! Teenagers, right?  Gotta love them!

      So without further ado, we’ve put together a list of some of the hottest and most haunted attractions in the Delaware area.

      Enter if you dare!  (Insert creepy music here).

      • 1. Bates Motel

        Nationally ranked in Top 5 for America’s Best Haunts!  2018 Best Haunt from CNN Travel.

        Don’t forget to check into the Bates Motel, for the most incredible display of terror and mayhem this side of Hollywood.

        More Info


      • 2. Frightland

        Named a Top 10 Scariest Haunted Attraction in the country by Travel Channel, Forbes and Huffington Post.

        Offering 8 unique haunted attractions including a 2 mile Haunted Hayride, four indoor haunted houses and much, much more. Additionally, we have a full amusement park with rides, carnival games and carnival food.

        More Info

      • 3. Field of Screams

        America’s #1 Haunted Attraction

        With FOUR intense attractions and a fun-filled entertainment area, Field of Screams is unlike anything that you have experienced before.  Journey through the dark cornfields, where terrifying creatures live and horrific acts occur.

        More Info

      • 4. Pennhurst Asylum

        PennHurst, the legendary haunted hospital complex has opened its doors after being abandoned for 25 years!

        Pennhurst haunted asylum is Pennsylvania’s Scariest destination haunted house! The fear is real at Pennhurst!

        More Info

      • 5. Halloween Nights at Eastern State Penitentiary

        A Massive Haunted House in a Real Prison

        Fifteen attractions inside the cell blocks and more surprises in store

        More Info

      • 6. Hockessin Haunted House

        We’ve had an overwhelming response from those still wanting tickets. We are currently wait list only. On occasion ticket holders do not arrive for their scheduled time, in which case tickets become available on the spot. However, we cannot guarantee or predict that. If you’d like to try to get tickets in person, arriving prior to 7pm on the remaining nights of operation (October 28th and 29th) would provide the best, but not definitive, chance.

      • 7. Fright Factory

        • Over 25,000 Square Feet of Haunted Attraction
        • Featured on the Travel Channel as one of the scariest haunted attractions in America

        More Info

      • 8. Creamy Acres Night of Terror

        • New Jersey’s Largest & Scariest Haunted Attraction at Creamy Acres Farm
        • The Harvest
        • Slaughter Cave
        • Dark Dreams
        • Ride of Terror
        • Haunted Paintball Hayride

        More Info

      • 9. The Valley of Fear & The Original Haunted Hayride

        Come ride through America’s most horrifying woods, on what the independent website, has called “one of the best we have ever been on” including a graveyard they called “absolutely amazing.” With gigantic sets and a twisting, disorienting trail, you’ll see why we were recently named Hayride Of The Year and the all new 2021 production of the Original Haunted Hayride will top all others!

        More Info

      • 10. Terror Labs


        If you’re looking for fun, excitement, and heart-pounding fear, Terror Labs will fill your prescription to a tee! Located in Pottstown, PA, Terror Labs is celebrating our 6th blood-curdling season. Our mad doctors, former patients, and formerly living experiments are eager to greet you. No appointment necessary.

        More Info

      • 11. Jason's Woods

        • 5 mind blowing attractions
        • Selected as the #1 Haunted Trail in America by Haunt Rater

        More Info


      • 12. House In The Hollow

        A true classic haunted mansion with an extensive cemetery and cavernous crypt in Bucks County

        More Info

      • 13. Lehigh Valley Scream Park

        • Ultimate Zombie Paintball Ride
        • 4 Terrifying Attractions
          • Hollow of Horror Hayride
          • Hillbilly Hell
          • Slaughter Barn
          • Psychopath Corn Maze

        More Info