West Nile Virus Detected In Delaware For The First Time In 2023

West Nile Virus has been detected in Delaware.  This is the first case in 2023, according to the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control. The case is with a sentinel chicken station near Wilmington, and was sampled on July 31 by the DNREC Mosquito Control Section.  The sample was then tested and reported virus positive by the Delaware Public Health Laboratory. There have been no reported West Nile Virus cases in humans this year.  Delawareans are reminded that the possibility of contracting mosquito-transmitted diseases, including WNV and eastern equine encephalitis (EEE).  The threat will continue until colder autumn temperatures arrive in mid-October or later. Those infected with West Nile Virus will typically not show symptoms.  One fifth may develop a mild illness with a fever, body aches, nausea, vomiting and a rash. Use common sense to prevent mosquito bites, and if you have farm animals they should be kept inside from dawn until dusk. You might also enjoy... [select-gallery gallery_id="345012" syndication_name="delaware-endangered-species-list-is-now-up-to-86-species" description="yes"]  

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