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Kindergarten Teacher Turns Classroom Into Jeep Parking Lot with COVID Restrictions

Jessica Morgan, kindergarten teacher of Beaver County, Pennsylvania, saw an opportunity for creativity and innovation with COVID restrictions for in-school learning this year.

With the help of her community, Jessica was able to create more than 60 Jeeps for her school’s desks. She set up a GoFundMe page where community members could donate to the fun project for the kids. As reported by The Times, “I was taken aback by the community,” Morgan said. “We started off with 12 Jeeps. Within two and a half days, the project was completely funded.”

The community helped her raise $2,500 for the project and made more than 60 Jeeps.

The Jeeps all have plastic windshields to keep kids safe and still have the feeling of being in a car. The windshields have velcro on them for students to take the windshields with them from classroom to classroom if need be.

The Jeeps created a boost in morale and effort, according to Jessica. Morgan tells her students, “Beep, beep,┬ájump on the Jeep for a learning safari or a learning adventure.”

Five kindergarten classes are now using the Jeeps.

Listen to the interview with Jessica and Hollywood Kyle below:

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