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Coronavirus Coverage

This article originally written by WJBR Digital Content Intern,  Elyse DiPisa. DiPisa is a sophomore Media Communications student at the University of Delaware from Montgomery County, PA. Along with being a Digital Content Intern for WJBR, Elyse also works for the university’s Student Television Network 49 News Program and as a tour guide for the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.

The Philadelphia Sixers acquired Seth Curry from the Dallas Mavericks this season, eager to have him aid the team in a successful season.

According to The Philadelphia Inquirer, in Curry’s first eight games of the season, he averaged 17 points in 30 minutes per game – shooting about 60% from the field and 59% from the arc. Curry also made all 17 of his free throws. 

On January 7, at the ninth game against the Brooklyn Nets, Curry left after being notified that he tested positive for Coronavirus. He missed six games following his positive test result.

Following his recovery, the 30-year-old shooting guard returned to the court on January 22 against the Boston Celtics. After earning 15 points in 27 minutes that game, he started his statistical descent. 

Since his return post-COVID until his last game this February, he averaged 30 minutes of playing time, with an average of 10 points. His points per game since his recovery have certainly fluctuated, with bad and good days. In his most recent eight games, his free throw percentage is 50%, compared to his first eight games pre-COVID, when he made 100%.

“It’s been tough,” Curry told Justin Grasso of Sports Illustrated in regards to his recent stats and recovery. “Some of the big remnants are also just trying to get my energy all the way back. Some days I feel good; some days I’m just sluggish…but I’m grateful to be able to get up and get on the court every day and play.”

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