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Artwork of Wawa's Drive-Thru Concept

Wawa Proposes Drive-Thru In Newark DE.

Wawa has proposed to add 2 new Wawa’s on South College Avenue in Newark DE.

The Delaware County based convenience store has already proposed to add a “Super Wawa” to 1115 S. College Avenue in Newark.  This Wawa will also include a gas station.  Formerly there was a Friendly’s Restaurant on this site.

Additionally Wawa is proposing a drive-thru only Wawa at 1050 S. College Avenue.  This is at the former site of a Boston Market.

The drive-thru concept is similar to the Swiss Farm drive-thru stores that have been in our region for many years.

This Wawa drive-thru concept was an innovation of the Covid-19 pandemic era in 2020.

Back then this is what Wawa had to say about their drive-thru approach when they opened their first drive-thru in Falls Township, Bucks County PA;

“It is critical to provide new ways to access Wawa, increase convenience and provide new options for service.  We are hoping to learn from the layout, workflow and traffic flow at this location, as we continue to explore alternatives for longer-term application to our stores post-COVID-19.”

The other Wawa drive- thru location is at 570 Rancocas Road in Mt. Holly New Jersey.

Wawa is offering quick breakfast, lunch and dinner options at their new drive-thru stores.

The store has also been testing a drive-thru concept for the traditional stores that will include a drive-thru window.

Wawa Proposes Drive-Thru In Newark DE

Artwork of Wawa’s Drive-Thru Concept

Wawa Proposes Drive-Thru In Newark DE.

Celebrating 302 Day Today with 17 Reasons to Love Delaware

Today, March 2nd, (3/02) is 302 Day! That means we celebrate Delaware in honor of our area code. There’s many reasons to love Delaware, from no sales tax to being close to just about all the hot spots in the North East region. Here are 17 reasons we love Delaware.

  • No Sales Tax

    What every Delawarean will say when people ask the famous question, “What’s in Delaware?” “NO SALES TAX!”

  • First Time Homebuyer Perks

    Being a first time homebuyer in Delaware actually comes with great perks! If you’re a first time homebuyer you can actually receive grants and save on your closing costs.

  • Short Drive to Regional Hubs

    We all love the short drive to the beaches, mountains, bigger cities like Philadelphia and New York City, and all the access to the North East region.

  • Beautiful Beaches Including Drive-On's

    We may take advantage of the beautiful beaches we have here, and the differences they boast. From the fun nightlife in Dewey, to the family friendly and loving Rehoboth, there’s truly a beach for everyone. Plus, Cape Henlopen allows you to even drive your 4WD vehicle on the beach which is super cool!

  • Music, Arts, & History

    For a small state, we have a lot of live music and performing arts. There’s museums and historical sites to explore, and local musicians frequenting the bars and nightlife scene.

  • Abundant with Parks

    If you want to explore some nature to relax, you absolutely can within a short drive from your home. Delaware hosts many state parks that are full of trees, wildlife, flowers, and an escape from everyday life.

  • Delaware's Scrapple Fest

    Scrapple isn’t just meat, it’s a way of life in Delaware. To prove it, we have a festival dedicated to it.

  • We're the First State!

    Being number one is pretty cool!

  • Attractive for Entrepreneurs and Businesses

    Delaware is well known for being the headquarters for so many large businesses and entrepreneurs alike. It’s easy and simple to obtain your business license, and business taxes are actually reasonable, which is why so many fortune 500 companies are headquartered here or have offices here.

  • Chicken Chicken and More Chicken

    Delaware is fairly responsible for why we eat so much chicken as a society. The farmers really excelled at raising chickens. Even University of Delaware made the Chicken the mascot, except it’s blue…and a hen.

  • Four Seasons

    Some people enjoy just hot or just cold. Delawareans get all four seasons, without one overbearing the others.

  • Low Property Taxes

    Along with no sales tax, and reasonable business taxes, we also have low property taxes making Delaware a super friendly tax state!

  • Farmers Market and Produce

    Because we’re so close to Amish communities in Lancaster and Pennsylvania, Delaware also benefits from their farmer’s markets and Amish markets full of fresh meats and produce.

  • Music Festivals Including Firefly

    Firefly Music Festival has been an incredible addition to the state of Delaware since its first year in 2012. It attracts hundreds of thousands people to the Woodlands each year.

  • Dover Speedway

    Dover Speedway hosts some of NASCAR’s best races. We love race week!

  • Access to Blue Crabs

    Who doesn’t love the fresh seafood, especially the blue claw crabs that are so close to us. Spending summers picking crabs at the backyard get together or the fire halls is a staple of Delaware.

  • A Little Something For Eeveryone

    Overall, everyone here in Delaware has something they like…at least we all think so!

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