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Even The Universe Says ‘Go Birds’!

Eagles fans across the universe has gone GREEN!

You see  your friends in GREEN.

WJBR.COM is dressed up in GREEN!

GREEN Eagles flags are on vehicles across our 4 state region of Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Maryland!

The city skyline is lit up GREEN!

People are even coloring their skin green!

Even The Universe Says 'Go Birds'!

And, the UNIVERISE is showing it’s LOVE for The Philadelphia Eagles as they head to Superbowl 57 in Arizona to take on Andy Reid’s Kansas City Chiefs!

A newly discovered GREEN comet is now flying by Earth for the first time in 50,000 years!  What perfect timing!

The comet was discovered about a year ago, and it’s closest pass-by to our planet happens today (2/1/23) and tomorrow (2/2/23) 26 to 27 million miles from Earth.  Look just below Polaris the North Star.

The best time to view the universes support of the Birds is during early morning skies this month, once the moon has set after midnight.  NASA says that the green comet will be seen by the unaided eye in dark skies.  Using binoculars or a telescope will certainly make it easier.

If clouds or inclement weather get in the way of skywatching,  The Virtual Telescope Project will share a livestream of the comet in the skies above Rome.

Even The Universe Says ‘Go Birds’!

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