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National Weather Service Discourages Ocean Swimming In Delaware due to life threating surf and rip currents.

While Hurricane Earl spins nearly 800 miles away near Bermuda, it is causing problems in and around Delaware.  While not a threat to land, Earl is causing life threating surf and rip currents along the east coast.  Hurricane Earl

Delaware, New Jersey and Maryland are experiencing major rip currents.  Rip currents contributed to a 56 year old Pennsylvania man drowning on the 12th Street Beach in Ocean City New Jersey on Thursday.  The Garden State reported more than a dozen similar incidents over the past few days.

A high rip current risk is in effect through Saturday afternoon.  Delaware and South Jersey are also under a coastal flood advisory into Saturday along all beaches.

The coastal flood advisory is necessary because up to one foot of inundation above ground level is expected in low-lying areas near shorelines and tidal waterways.  This advisory is not only for ocean beaches, but the shorelines of the Delaware Bay.  This includes the river shorelines of New Castle and Salem Counties.

Most importantly though, the weather service is discouraging entering the surf.

If caught in a rip current, you should relax and float.  Don’t swim against the current.  If able, swim in a direction following the shoreline.

It is advised that you only swim on protected beaches with lifeguards due to life-threating surf and rip currents .   Only some Delaware beaches do offer lifeguard service on weekends only now that we are past Labor Day.

Large ocean swells caused by Hurricane Earl are occurring from the south east U.S. all the way to Nova Scotia.  The NWS says these swells are likely to cause life-threating surf and rip currents through the weekend.

Wilmington DE Among Best Places To Retire

Wilmington DE among best places to retire according to a recent study conducted by WalletHub.

Back in the day, retirement was just something people took for granted. Pensions for workers were more readily available. People worked until they were 65 and then retired.

That is not the case these days. Earlier this year the Employee Benefit Research Institute conducted the 2022 Retirement Coincidence Survey.
The group researched almost 3,000 Americans. Their findings include that 7 in 10 workers feel somewhat “confident” that they will have enough money to retire comfortably. However only 3 in 10 felt “very confident”.

Many retirees choose to move to an area where dollars go further. That is a main reason so many people from highly taxed New Jersey choose to retire to Delaware.

Quality of life of course is a huge consideration. Retirees are looking for homes in safe areas with access to excellent healthcare. Other considerations are weather and enjoying leisure time.

WalletHub looked at what they call “retiree-friendliness of more than 180 US cities across 46 key metrics.”

Here are WalletHub‘s Top 20 of 2022’s Best Places To Retire. And yes, Wilmington DE among best places to retire!