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A new ruling from a Pennsylvania court says police can pull over drivers with obscured license plates.  The decision was part of a ruling from a 2021 traffic stop in Philadelphia.   In that case, the stop led to a search of the car where a gun with multiple rounds of ammunition and marijuana were found.

Many car dealers upon selling a car, wrap the official PA license plate with a frame with the dealerships name.  And many drivers like to show the love to their favorite team through their license plate frame.   While others like to advertise their favorite sayings or political candidate.

Some frames are just that and say nothing at all!

Superior Court judges in Pennsylvania reviewed a PA law and ruled that if any part of your license plate is covered, you could get stopped.

This includes the part on the lower part of the plate that says

The ruling not only includes license plates, but obstructions from dirt and mud.

Lawyers from the ACLU argue that this ruling gives law enforcement another reason to pull people over.  Legal director of the ACLU, Sara Rose stated; This could give police carte blanche to pull over any car that has any kind of covering, any kind of frame around a license plate, which, you know, most cars do,” she said.  She went on to say; “I think a reasonable interpretation of the statute is that it’s identifying information, like the purpose of the license plate”.

If the frame covers any portion of the plate, including the colored borders, it’s a violation.

Bike Trails Near Wilmington - EJ's Favs!

As the weather will cool a bit soon, it’s time to ride on some bike trails near Wilmington!

I’ve been a runner for a long time, but over the past few years my knees have told me to run a little less.

So a few years ago, my wife and I have taken to finding bike trails in Delaware, Pennsylvania and Maryland.

We love to discover new rail trails and have taken long rides on many trails between and near the Delaware, Susquehanna and Schuylkill Rivers.

Before we go, we make a nice lunch and throw in some snacks, and we make sure we have plenty of cold water.

We even pick out a spot near the trails to have a beer and a snack after the ride.

Below are a few of my favorite bike trails near Wilmington.

Happy Trails!

  • Northern Delaware Greenway Trail Wilmington

    Northern Delaware Greenway Trail

    The Northern Delaware Greenway Trail runs thru New Castle County, including Alapocas Run State Park, Rockwood County Park, Bringhurst Woods Park and Bellevue State Park. A few years ago we took a ride from Bellevue to the Brandywine Zoo. It’s a great ride, and you will encounter some hills along the way. Be sure to check out the rock ledges at Alapocas!

  • Jack A. Markell Trail Wilmington to New Castle

    My favorite trail in Delaware is the Jack A. Markell Trail that is a rather easy 7.9 mile ride from Wilmington to New Castle Battery Park.  It’s paved and includes a boardwalk through a freshwater tidal marsh refuge where you not only have a great view of the city of Wilmington, but also wildlife including bald eagles!  We park at the DuPont Environmental Education Center and ride down to Battery Park.  After spending some time enjoying the river views in New Castle, be sure to have lunch or a snack at the restaurants Delaware Street.

  • C&D Canal Bike Trail Chesapeake City MD to Delaware City DE

    EJ's Favorite Bike Trails Near Wilmington
    Last year for our wedding anniversary, my wife and I stayed at a cool Airbnb in Chesapeake City and of course we brought our bikes along!

    The C&D Canal Trail follows the Chesapeake-and-Delaware Canal from Chesapeake City to Delaware City.  If you are up for a long ride, this is a great one!  It’s 30 miles round trip on smooth asphalt with two short steep hills.  If starting in Chesapeake City, you are greeted in Delaware City by many great restaurants and shops and a great view of the Delaware River.



  • Chester Creek Rail Trail Middletown And Aston Delco

    My go to local trail close to my home is the Chester Creek Trail in Delaware County PA, running through the towns of Aston and Middletown Township.  There are eventual plans where the trail will run from Septa’s new Wawa Station to Upland PA.  The 2.8 mile section of the middle of the trail has been open since 2016.  For now, this trail is better for walking and running due to it’s shorter length.  However  you can turn it into a longer bike ride by simply going up and down the length of the trail a few times.  As the name indicates, it follows Chester Creek and there are nesting bald eagles nearby that I’ve seen swoop into the creek.

    Delaware Dog Friendly Beaches In Summer

    Just about all of Delaware’s beaches are dog friendly between September 30th and May 15th, but there are only a handful of Delaware dog friendly beaches that welcome your dogs to romp the beaches all summer long!

    I have great memories of bringing our late dog Grace on family camping trips to Assateague Island National Seashore in Maryland. It was the best family time with our young kids at the time and to have Grace camping right there with us.

    Delaware Dog Friendly Beaches in Summer

    EJ’s dog Grace who was a Johnson Family Member from 1999 to 2012.

    Some of our best days are beach days! And that goes for our K9 friends too!

    Running, walking, chasing a ball or stick, and splashing around in the water is like heaven for our pets. I think you can actually see dogs smile while having fun with us on the beach!  And what pet owner doesn’t love to see their four-legged friends having some good ole’ fashion fun with the rest of the family?

    Assateague welcomes dogs on the Maryland side all year long. There are also a handful of other right here in Delaware where your dog is welcome in June, July, August and September.

    Take a look at the list of we’ve put together of Delaware Dog Friendly Beaches in Summer.