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The Birds will be playing the San Francisco 49ers this weekend. But do you know why the 49ers mascot is named after bread?

His name is Sourdough Sam and he is kind of terrifying.

Sourdough Sam made his debut in 1994 and according to the 49ers official website “Sourdough Sam is a gold miner that loves to have fun, and pumps up the 49er faithful at every home game. Known for his love of sourdough bread, SDS would take the bread with him on a hard day’s work of digging in the gold mines. With his miners pick in the air Sam leads the San Francisco 49ers on to field now at Levi’s®️ Stadium.”

San Fran is very well known for its favorite type of baked good: sourdough.

Sourdough bread has been a San Francisco staple for over 170 years.

The bread ties in perfectly with the football team’s nickname the 49ers.

During the gold rush, 49ers hurried to the West Coast to quite literally strike gold.

“In a place where nourishment was scarce, bread starter (a dough that has fermented using naturally occurring bacteria and yeast) was a prized possession during the California Gold Rush, allowing miners to turn drab flour into loaves that were both nutritious and delicious. Somehow, the bread tasted tangier and more flavorful than it did elsewhere, and thus San Francisco sourdough was born” according to the BBC.

So yes….the 49ers mascot is named after bread. Which I find very coincidental considering the 49ers will be toast after this weekend!

The Eagles will take on the 49ers this Sunday at 3 p.m. at Lincoln Financial Field in South Philly. Catch all the action on FOX.

The Birds will be playing the San Francisco 49ers this weekend. But do you know why the 49ers mascot is named after bread?

'Ted Lasso': Apple Announces Spring Release For Season 3

Apple announced that its smash hit series, Ted Lasso, is coming back for its third season this spring! Ted Lasso kicked off back in 2020 and immediately won the hearts of soccer fans, and really, anyone with a soul. The American coach, played by Jason Sudeikis, has a sweet disposition and became an immediate fan favorite.

Per Variety, during the Television Critics Association’s winter 2023 press tour, there was a panel that featured Ted Lasso co-creator Bill Lawrence and writer/star Brett Goldstein promoting their upcoming comedy series Shrinking. When asked about Ted Lasso during the panel, Lawrence was tight-lipped but said, “I’ve seen cuts, and it’s f—ing amazing.”

People reports that season 3 will introduce two new characters: Girls‘ Becky Ann Baker will portray Ted’s mom, and Jodi Balfour, best known for her role in the Apple TV+ series For All Mankind, will play a venture capitalist. They also report that there will be “new blood” on the AFC Richmond team.

Here is what we know about this new season so far:

  • No trailer has dropped yet, but an image from the season has!

    This intense standoff between Nate and Lasso gives us just a taste of what to expect coming up.

  • We don’t have an exact date of release...

    All we know is that it comes out in the spring. Fingers crossed that they mean early spring rather than late spring because we cannot wait!

  • (SPOILER) Last season, Nate left AFC Richmond in the dust.

    This was QUITE the cliffhanger. We are excited to see how this pans out. An epic Nate and Ted showdown may occur. Would that be awesome? Or upsetting? We can’t be sure.

  • Is this the last season?

    Its’ worth noting that Apple TV+’s season three announcement did not include the words “final season.” It’s been widely reported that the series was intended to have just three seasons. Brett Goldstein has gone on record saying as much. So you’re saying that there’s a chance it might go on longer? Maybe not; in June, Brett Goldstein, who plays Roy Kent and serves as a writer on Ted Lasso, said that the show’s third season would be its swan song. He told the public that Ted Lasso was always going to be “just three.” You never know, though. As we mentioned before, Ted Lasso is a smash hit. How can they take it away from us like this? Perhaps their time isn’t up just yet.

    Regardless, grab the biscuits, because more Ted Lasso is on the horizon.