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Last year, Offset rented a Bentley and never returned it. Now the company is coming after him.

Complex reports that he rented the 2020 Bentley Bentayna from Platinum Transportation Group in May 2020 for almost $600 a day. The rental was only supposed to be for a few days, but Offset kept requesting extensions to the rental time.

In July, Offset informed the car rental company that he “had no clue where their Bentley was, and couldn’t recall who had it last.”  He continued making payments until the contract expired in late July, and then he stopped sending money and never returned the car.

Platinum Transportation Group claims they filed a police report for the vehicle, but when asked about the report, couldn’t show proof of it.  They claim they lost over $100,000 in missed revenue because the car disappeared, and they are going after Offset for “significant financial damages.”

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