Bad Bunny Concert Targeted By Mass Shooter, Feds Reveal

A recent Bad Bunny concert was to be the target of a mass shooting, according to the federal government. According to NBC News, the Atlanta, Georgia, stop of the Latin trap rapper's Most Wanted tour was the target of a mass shooting by an Arizona man named Mark Adams Prieto. (Photo by Marleen Moise/Getty Images) Bad Bunny Concert Targeted to Spark a 'Race War' The 58-year-old man was indicted by the feds earlier this week after he was arrested last month over the alleged plot. Prieto allegedly hoped to incite a "race war" ahead of the upcoming presidential election. He was indicted by a federal grand jury this week on charges of firearms trafficking, transfer of a firearm for use in a hate crime, and possession of an unregistered firearm. If convicted, he could be sentenced to up to 40 years in prison. Prieto allegedly brought semi-automatic rifles using cash or trades to avoid federal gun regulators. A source Prieto attempted to recruit to his plot notified the FBI. Their investigation used an undercover agent that Prieto also attempted to enlist, according to an affidavit obtained by NBC News. The source told authorities that they had spoken to Prieto more than 15 times over three years at various gun shows. Within the last year, the source told feds that Prieto began making suspicious and alarming comments, including “advocating for a mass shooting” and specifically targeting Blacks, Jews, or Muslims, the affidavit says. The source told the FBI, “Prieto believes that martial law will be implemented shortly after the 2024 election and that a mass shooting should occur prior” to its implementation. Prieto allegedly asked the source in late 2023 if they were “ready to kill a bunch of people,” which indicated to authorities his desire to recruit people to assist him in carrying out an attack, per the affidavit. According to the affidavit, Prieto targeted Atlanta when he allegedly said, "Why, why is Georgia such a f------up state now? When I was a kid, that was one of the most conservative states in the country. Why is it not now? Because as the crime got worse in LA, St. Louis, and all these other cities, all the [N-words] moved out of those [places] and moved to Atlanta. That’s why it isn’t so great anymore. And they’ve been there for a couple, several years." He also said that he wanted to target a rap concert because there would be a high concentration of African Americans there, and he planned to leave confederate flags after the shooting to send a message that “we’re going to fight back now, and every whitey will be the enemy across the whole country,” and to shout “whities out here killing, what’s we gonna do” and “KKK all the way,” the affidavit says. Prieto said he wanted to show “no mercy, no quarter.” Prieto allegedly stashed guns near the concert before traveling to carry out the shooting. A spokesperson for the FBI said Prieto is in the custody of the US Marshals Service for transport from New Mexico to Arizona. Reacting to the would-be tragedy on X (formerly Twitter), one person said, regarding the person who reported him, "Thank god for that one person omfg [praying hands emoji]." Another person wrote: "Oh my goodness, what the actual hell. Thank god he was caught before anything tragic happened. This is scary as hell…" A third user commented: "Wait this is so scary. The person who reported him is a hero." Added a fourth, "Thank you God for saving all of those lives [praying hands emoji]."

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