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Selena Gomez Is All About Steamy Makeouts In ‘Love On’ Video

Selena Gomez is embracing love and lust  in a steamy yet playful music video for her new single, "Love On." The video begins with the camera panning up the stairs filled with couples making out. Gomez sticks out among the rest, wearing a hot pink dress and holding a dog. In the next scene, Gomez is being pampered on a rooftop. The song's lyrics describe Gomez telling her lover not to think too much about things and get to "work" in the bedroom. As we [inlink id="selena-gomez-love-on" text="previously reported"], "Love On" was inspired by the months Selena spent in Paris last year. [inlink id="selena-gomez-one-album-left-focusing-on-acting" text="RELATED: Selena Gomez Has One Album Left, Focusing on Acting"] The singer and actress seemed to have a lot of fun filming the music video on location in Paris. In the video, she wears fun and elegant fashion looks while also indulging in delicious French pastries. Couples making out are sprinkled all throughout the music video, with Gomez including a line surrounding just the topic. She sings, "Why we conversing over this steak tartar when we could be somewhere other than here, making out in the back of a car?" Or in the back of a bar, or we could make a memoir on the back wall of the last stall in the bathroom at the bazaar." Selenators took to social media to praise Gomez for her new single. On X (formerly Twitter), one person wrote: "selena gomez definitely know how to make a catchy pop hit… like how can you not say mother to this?" Another fan commented, "Real music is back." Meanwhile, one fan stated: "selena gomez you never dissapoint." A fourth wrote, "Another hit from our hitmaker as alwayyys." Wrote another fan, "I’m kinda obsessed… Fun music is back and I can totally imagine listening to this song with my imaginary boyfriend." One fan excitedly said, "she renewed her pop girl status!" Watch the full music video below:

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