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A number of musicians have called it a career in the past few years. Will the Rolling Stones be joining some of their peers in retirement?

Yeah…that’s highly unlikely.

In a new interview with Rolling Stone, Keith Richards said, “You might call it a habit. I mean, that’s what we do. And also there’s that thing between us, like, ‘Who’s going to be the first one to get off the bus?’ You have to be kicked off or drop off, right? So it’s like that. I really can’t imagine doing anything else.”

Of course, the Stones were one of the countless acts whose 2020 touring plans were derailed by the coronavirus pandemic, but Richards and Mick Jagger seem unsure, but hopeful about eventually getting back to performing live in front of fans again.

Jagger told Rolling Stone, “The larger point, really, is — in the short, medium, and long term — how is everyone that performs live going to function in the future? We don’t know. In Europe, we’ve had small-scale concerts. We’ve had socially-distanced concerts. You can see [concerts] starting in some parts of the world — New Zealand, Australia and so on. But … as far as the U.S. is concerned, we don’t really know what the future holds. So many people are out of work, losing money. Is it ever going to be the same again? Will it be always different? We just don’t know at the moment.”

Jagger wasn’t against the idea of a socially-distanced show saying, “Yeah, I suppose if that was the way of the world, of course.”

Richards, meanwhile, said, “I hope, like everybody else, there’s a very good vaccine as soon as possible. And a change of regime wouldn’t be bad. Let’s leave it at that, man.”

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