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There are plenty of potential Beatles reunion stories in music history, and this one Ringo Starr mentioned in a new interview is certainly unique.

Speaking with U.K.’s The Mirror, Starr said the band was approached by promoter Bill Sargent for a reunion in 1975, but the band turned it down because their opening act would’ve been a “wrestling match” between a man an 18-ft shark.

“We did talk one time. There was a crazy offer out there. We called each other to see what we think. We decided not to do it because the opening act was a guy biting a shark. So we thought no,” said Starr.

The only thing crazier than the opening act may have been what the Beatles would’ve made for the reunion: £50 million or about $62.47 million USD. When adjusted for inflation, that’s nearly $250 million today!


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