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50 Cent doesn’t want to battle his longtime nemesis Ja Rule in Swizz Beatz and Timbaland’s “Verzuz” battle.

The entertainer feels that Snoop Dogg would be a better match up “catalog wise.”

“It would make more sense catalog wise, me and Snoop,” 50 Cent said during a recent interview. “Cause we would compete every step of the way. Ja Rule? He got like five, six good duets.”

As we previously reported, both Brandy and Monica, who have been pitted against each other since their reign in the ’90s have also recently spoken out regarding whether or not they would battle each other in the series.

During a recent interview with Essence, Brandy said: “I really can’t see myself doing that. I’m open to it but I haven’t really thought about it. You’re like the second person to say that to me.”

When Monica was asked about it by a local Atlanta radio station, she replied, “I doubt it.” “I guess I kind of feel like I understand the idea of it and I think it’s really really entertaining. It is an incredible idea,” Monica explained. “What I do like is it’s kind of turning into a celebration. I can handle a celebration.”

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