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Nicki Minaj’s Barbs and Cardi B’s Bardi Gang are currently pissed at the Miami rap duo City Girls.

Both the Barbs and Bardi Gang, who typically fight with each other, have united to slam the City Girls after a diss track leaked where the rap duo took shots at both Minaj and Cardi.

The post was deleted, but The Shade Room shared a clip of the diss that an Instagram user by the name of D. Castro reposted.

[ Press Play ] ????????????‍♂️ They just dissed #CardiB, #NickiMinaj , and #KashDoll for no reason ???? Shaderoom just deleted this after posting it but I'm not ???? #CityGirls #TheShaderoom

2,960 Likes, 694 Comments - Shot By D. Castro™️ ???????????? (@shotbydcastro) on Instagram: "[ Press Play ] ????????????‍♂️ They just dissed #CardiB, #NickiMinaj , and #KashDoll for no reason ????..."

In the clip, JT and Yung Miami can both be heard talking about not only Nicki Minaj and Cardi B but also Detroit rapper Kash Doll.

“Kash Doll…Cardi B? Cardi B? Cardi B had Love & Hip Hop to help her. We ain’t got Love & Hip Hop. And you keep talking, I’mma diss Cardi…Okay. I don’t mind dissing a b*tch,” JT said at the beginning of the clip. “Okay. I’m ready. What’s up,” Yung Miami replies.

“I wish I could rip a beat like Nicki,” Yung Miami says.

“Nicki can’t rip no f**king beats. That hoe ain’t even in the streets. She been f—ing with me but she got dropped like…,” JT raps after the conversation took place.

“I’m beefing with Nicki but I ain’t no f—ing Remy. I got that Remy in my hair, and you know I got plenty,” JT continues rapping.


649 Likes, 72 Comments - Shot By D. Castro™️ ???????????? (@shotbydcastro) on Instagram: "????????????"

Yung Miami took to Instagram Live to address the diss track. “I’m too aggravated. Y’all biiyhes is aggravating as f—. Y’all wanna end the City Girls so bad, but that ain’t gone happen,” Yung Miami said.

“We was freestyling on the beat. We never thought nobody was gonna hear that. We never thought we were about to be signed,” Yung Miami continued.

Check out tweets from the Barbs, Bardi Gang, and Kash Doll’s Bratz below.

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