Eric Johnson

Eric Johnson

I am a big fan of our local craft breweries and IPA’s. My absolute favorite beer is Up and Out from 2SP Brewery in Aston PA.

What is America’s favorite?

The analytics website YouGov recently ranked the nations most popular brews.

The study organized the 75 best beers in the U.S. as indicated by participants, who based ratings on favorability and knowledge of the brands.

Here is a countdown of the top 20 of top beers as ranked by Millennials, Generation X and Baby Boomers.

How did your beer do?

  • #20 Michelob Light

    Nicely carbonated!

  • #19 Modelo Especial

    Rich and full flavored!

  • #18 Miller Genuine Draft

    Smooth and refreshing!

  • #17 Corona Light

    Pilsner-style lager…refreshing!

  • #16 Miller Lite

    One of the first light beers. Around since 1975.

  • #15 Michelob Ultra

    I call this the fitness beer! Low carbs!

  • #14 Modelo

    Authentic Mexican beer!

  • #13 Coors

    It’s been around since 1873!

  • #12 Coors Light

    Best served cold! As cold as the Rockies they say!

  • #11 Corona Extra

    Served with a wedge of lime!

  • #10 Dos Equis

    The most interesting beer in the world!

  • #9 Bud Light

    Brewed using a blend of premium aroma hop varieties! In this survey, this was #1 with Millennials.

  • #8 Stella Artois

    First brewed in 1926. A pilsner brewed in Belgium.

  • #7 Blue Moon

    Belgian-style whitbier. Hang an orange slice on the bottle!

  • #6 Miller

    Your Dad lived the “high life”! It’s the champagne of beers!

  • #5 Budweiser

    The King of Beers!

  • #4 Samuel Adams

    Boston Brew! This was #1 among the Baby Boomers who took this survey.

  • #3 Corona

    Serve with a wedge of lime or lemon! Summertime beer!

  • #2 Heineken

    Deep and golden, a mild bitter taste and very crisp!

  • #1 Guinness

    I generally enjoy this brew on or around St. Patrick’s Day, but for it to be number 1, it must be an everyday beer for many! The favorite for both the men and women surveyed. And tops with Gen X.

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