Latest Delaware Winter 2023-24 Outlook Is Shocking

If you remember, not too long ago the Farmer's Almanac came out with their annual prediction for the upcoming winter 2023-24 season. Unfortunately, for much of the U.S., it predicted a colder winter. Much of the country also had the prediction of a wetter winter. That's not good if you don't like snow. But, now the National Weather Service has come out with its annual prediction. That said, the latest Delaware winter 2023-24 outlook is a surprise. First of all, let's look at trends from last year. Here's a fun fact: The average temperature across the contiguous U.S. in February 2023 was 36.5 degrees F, 2.7 degrees above the 20th-century average, according to Noaa.gov. That makes it rank in the warmest third of the 129-year climate record. They add that in 2023, "Virginia had its warmest February on record, while we here in Delaware, Florida and Tennessee saw the third warmest February.  Those is Georgia along with Kentucky, Maryland, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina and West Virginia all saw the second-warmest Februaries. Nine additional states experiencing a top-10 warmest February on record." So, the trend is warmed, at least in certain areas of the country. Delaware Winter 2023-24 Outlook Now, the Climate Prediction Center's revised three-month outlook for January-February-March of 2024 is for much warmer temperatures and drier conditions for the northern part of the U.S., including Michigan. In fact, the further north you go, the warmer it will be. The top of Michigan and going into the U.P. is dark orange and red on the prediction map, meaning it's going to be much warmer than normal. The only area of the U.S. that looks to be below normal is a small part of New Mexico and Arizona. As for Delaware, on the map, we're light and medium orange, meaning we're supposed to have a warmer winter. I'm not mad about that. For precipitation, we have an equal chance of a wetter, drier or normal season. I'll take it. Here's to a mild winter, hopefully. [select-listicle listicle_id="374422" syndication_name="delaware-near-some-of-the-most-beautiful-spots-for-fall-colors-in-america" description="yes"]

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