Radio Is Lifeline To Hurricane Ian Survivors

Radio is a lifeline to Hurricane Ian survivors. I have always been drawn to radio's coverage of major weather events going all the way back the the Blizzard of '78.   I grew up in Atlantic County NJ and that area was hit especially hard by that blizzard.  People lost power for days.  For many, when this happens, the only option for current information is radio. The Blizzard of '78's damage only left one radio station on the air.   It seemed everyone was glued to that station for vital information.   The station served as a way of relaying information from those that needed help, to those who could give it. I was also impressed that the staff of the radio station did whatever it took to get to the station so they could help provide coverage.  In many ways, those of us in radio are first responders when hit with these major events. Years later it was my turn to manage a station during a major weather event in 2012. I was working at a large central NJ station that also covered the Jersey Shore.   We all kept our eye on Hurricane Sandy's path.  When the storm made a sharp turn to the west toward Monmouth County NJ, it was all hands on deck time. For some, the power outages lasted almost a month.  Listeners thanked us for being their "lifeline". Southwest Florida is "close to home" for many of us.  We have either vacationed there, or have friends and family who have moved there. Heck, there are even Wawa's there. WJBR's longtime owner Beasley Media group is based there.  So for us here at JBR we were concerned for our many coworkers in the storms path. As Hurricane Ian  took a somewhat sudden turn east toward Ft. Myers, I checked out the on line streams of the local radio and TV stations, to hear and see coverage. I am proud to say that during the storm our Beasley Media Ft Myers stations (and their partner NBC2 News) served as that "lifeline" of information and companionship. For days now-after the storm-they have been taking calls and texts from listeners who need help and those willing to give help.  They have also been informing audiences of open locations of vital goods and services like food and gasoline. When the cells fail, internet fails, when cable fails, when the electric goes out--FM radio is still there and has been through this ordeal. I would like to commend former WJBR Market Manager, and current Beasley Media Ft. Myers Market Vice President and Market Manager AJ Lurie and his dedicated crew for providing life saving information in a calm and reassuring way. Radio is a lifeline to Hurricane Ian survivors. God forbid we have such a storm here in the Wilmington Delaware area.  But if we do, have a battery powered radio ready, and have lots of  back up batteries. Rest assured, WJBR will do everything we can to be here for you! Please consider making a donation to  Red Cross Disaster Relief.    [caption id="attachment_307749" align="alignnone" width="300"] MATLACHA, FLORIDA - SEPTEMBER 30: Whitney Hall waves to a friend from the remains of his home while waving the American flag amidst wreckage left in the wake of Hurricane Ian on the island of Matlacha on September 30, 2022 in Matlacha, Florida. The hurricane brought high winds, storm surge and rain to the area causing severe damage. (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)[/caption] [ss-signup design_id="1748490"] [select-listicle listicle_id="306426" syndication_name="must-haves-i-would-buy-if-i-won-jbrs-hi-lo-cash-grab" description="yes"]