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FORT MYERS BEACH, FLORIDA - OCTOBER 02: In this aerial view, the destruction left in the wake of Hurricane Ian is shown on October 02, 2022 in Fort Myers Beach, Florida. Fort Myers Beach sustained severe damage by the Category 4 hurricane which caused extensive damage to the southwest portion of Florida.

Radio is a lifeline to Hurricane Ian survivors.

I have always been drawn to radio’s coverage of major weather events going all the way back the the Blizzard of ’78.   I grew up in Atlantic County NJ and that area was hit especially hard by that blizzard.  People lost power for days.  For many, when this happens, the only option for current information is radio.

The Blizzard of ’78’s damage only left one radio station on the air.   It seemed everyone was glued to that station for vital information.   The station served as a way of relaying information from those that needed help, to those who could give it.

I was also impressed that the staff of the radio station did whatever it took to get to the station so they could help provide coverage.  In many ways, those of us in radio are first responders when hit with these major events.

Years later it was my turn to manage a station during a major weather event in 2012.

I was working at a large central NJ station that also covered the Jersey Shore.   We all kept our eye on Hurricane Sandy’s path.  When the storm made a sharp turn to the west toward Monmouth County NJ, it was all hands on deck time.

For some, the power outages lasted almost a month.  Listeners thanked us for being their “lifeline”.

Southwest Florida is “close to home” for many of us.  We have either vacationed there, or have friends and family who have moved there.

Heck, there are even Wawa’s there.

WJBR’s longtime owner Beasley Media group is based there.  So for us here at JBR we were concerned for our many coworkers in the storms path.

As Hurricane Ian  took a somewhat sudden turn east toward Ft. Myers, I checked out the on line streams of the local radio and TV stations, to hear and see coverage.

I am proud to say that during the storm our Beasley Media Ft Myers stations (and their partner NBC2 News) served as that “lifeline” of information and companionship.

For days now-after the storm-they have been taking calls and texts from listeners who need help and those willing to give help.  They have also been informing audiences of open locations of vital goods and services like food and gasoline.

When the cells fail, internet fails, when cable fails, when the electric goes out–FM radio is still there and has been through this ordeal.

I would like to commend former WJBR Market Manager, and current Beasley Media Ft. Myers Market Vice President and Market Manager AJ Lurie and his dedicated crew for providing life saving information in a calm and reassuring way.

Radio is a lifeline to Hurricane Ian survivors.

God forbid we have such a storm here in the Wilmington Delaware area.  But if we do, have a battery powered radio ready, and have lots of  back up batteries.

Rest assured, WJBR will do everything we can to be here for you!

Please consider making a donation to  Red Cross Disaster Relief.   

Radio Is Lifeline To Hurricane Ian Survivors

MATLACHA, FLORIDA – SEPTEMBER 30: Whitney Hall waves to a friend from the remains of his home while waving the American flag amidst wreckage left in the wake of Hurricane Ian on the island of Matlacha on September 30, 2022 in Matlacha, Florida. The hurricane brought high winds, storm surge and rain to the area causing severe damage. (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

Must Haves I Would Buy If I Won JBR's Hi Lo Cash Grab

Must Haves I would buy if I won JBR’s Hi Lo Cash Grab!  Yeah, I can’t win, but it’s fun to dream!

That list is coming up, but first, I’d like to talk about what I love about our Hi Lo Cash Grab game…

It’s great to have Mix 99.5 WJBR’s Hi Lo Cash Grab back on the air!  I think I can speak for Deanna, Justin, Kyle and Mike that we all love to play this game with our listeners!

It was so much fun to play back in the spring, that we decided to bring it back in here in the fall of 2022.  I love that our listeners tune in for the game at 8am, 10am, 12pm, 2pm and 4pm. Many play while they are enjoying JBR’s mix from the 80’s to now while they are working!

And it seems to me that everyone is doing a great job of keeping track of all the guesses.  That’s really the only way to win.   Today on the first day we had guesses that were too hi and too low.

How long will it be before someone nails jackpot number 1?

Listen all day, that is your best chance to win!  Or set a reminder to listen at 8am, 10am, 12pm, 2pm and 4pm weekdays for the cue to call.  If you are caller 9 at 732-764-9527 (save that in your phone), you’ll get to go on the air with us and take a crack at it!   Good luck!

Now, back to our Must Haves!  I love looking at these lists every week and I always find some items I would love to have!  

Must Haves I Would Buy If I Won JBR’s Hi Lo Cash Grab! 

  • Top Gun Flight Suit

    I think I found my Halloween Costume!
    You’ll find this listed in our Must Have’s of 13 80s and 90s Inspired Halloween Costumes That Are Always A Hit

  • The Hulkster Lunchbox

    Right now I bring my lunch to work in a boring black cloth lunch box.  But I think if I had the Hulkster lunch box with a cool 80’s vibe, my cool rating would trend up!

    You’ll find this Must Have under the headline, 9 Nostalgic Collectibles That Your Younger Self Will Thank You For Buying!

  • Foot Massager With Heat Function.

    You’ll find this Must Have under the headline 7 Tech Items For Your Girlfriend That Will Get You Out of Trouble.

    Well, I don’t have a “girlfriend”.  (If I did I don’t think this would get me out of trouble). However I do have a wife, and from time to time I find myself in the “dog house”.  Perhaps I should always have a gift ready to get me out of the “dog house”.  I think this may do the trick!

  • IWalk Portable Charger Bank

    If you are an iPhone user, that you get those messages (generally on Sunday mornings) about your usage on your iPhone.   This week I think it said my iPhone screen time was up something like 124% from last week.  No wonder my phone keeps running out of power.  Not really a problem though when you are at home or work.  But what if you are traveling, or enjoying extended time out doors?  Well it looks like we need a portable phone charger!  Find this and other cool travel items in our Must Haves section under the head line 9 Lifesaving Travel Items TikTok Convinced Me I Needed And I Really Did!

  • Urban Accents Popcorn Kernals And Seasoning Variety Pack

    Love Love Love Popcorn!  And my wife and I love to “Netflix and Chill”.  However she does not like it when my popcorn falls between the couch cushions or under the couch.  I need to promise to be a neater popcorn eater.  Maybe it will be my New Years resolution in a few months.  In the meantime (if I win the Hi Lo and have extra cash) I’m going to buy this gourmet popcorn set.  It’s in our Must Haves section under the headline 18 Items You Need For the Perfect Netflix and Chill Night In!

  • Ms. Pacman Logo T

    I love old school video games!  The best of all time (and I think many may agree) is Pacman and Ms. Pacman!  I’ve been known to actually get Pacman fever while playing.  One time my wife and kids left me along in an arcade while on vacation.  They went shopping and I stayed at the arcade and played Pacman.  When they got back I was drenched in sweats.  I really get intense playing Pacman.  Those demons really stress me out while I’m gobbling dots and snacks.  If you love vintage games, check out these 11 Vintage-Style Gamer Tees Must Haves!

  • Shower Beer Holder

    I first learned the term “shower beer” while on vacation at the Delaware Beaches and Jersey Shore.  Seems to be a regular thing with my group of friends.  What’s better than a shower beer on a Saturday afternoon?  I know!  A shower beer in one of those outdoor showers at the beach.  Check out the shower beer holder and all the 19 Beer Themed Items You Need As A Beer Lover !

  • Reflective Vest And Armbands

    Ok, so I balance out my beer drinking with bike rides and running.  And now that the days are getting shorter, running or riding in the dark can be dangerous.  This reflective vest would be awesome to have during those early morning runs now thru April with it being darker.  Not only darker, but colder too!  Find this and other workout items for the dark and chilly weather in our Must Haves section under the headline 9 Items of Workout Gear Perfect For Chilly Fall Mornings. 

  • Smokeless Fire Pit

    We love having people over!  And we love to have fires in the backyard on these call fall nights.  What we do like is smelling like smoke at the end of the night.  The Smokeless Fire Pit to the rescue.  I love the stainless steel look of these.  Love this Must Have list of 9 Items That Will Transform Your Backyard Into A Summer Oasis.  (but these items work well into the fall…I want the string lights too!

    13 Haunted Attractions Close to Delaware

    13 Haunted Attractions Close to Delaware

    It’s almost October, and that means Spooky Season is upon us.  Haunted houses, hayrides, haunted walks and Halloween.  This is one of the most anticipated times of the year.   We look forward to summer all winter long and then we get sick and tired of the super hot weather.  It’s that time of year to trade in our bathing suits, flip flops and sunglasses for flannels, costumes and pumpkin spice EVERYTHING!

    No matter your age or your level of thrill tolerance, you should be able to find something for everyone.  Whether for a fun night out with friends, a haunting date night or for some weekend family fun.   Disclaimer:  some of these places are REALLY creepy, so make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into before going.

    My 14-year old son isn’t a huge fan of scary things and he absolutely loves Bates Motel.  By the time October comes to an end I will have heard “Can I go to Bates?” more times than I’d care to remember.  Haha! Teenagers, right?  Gotta love them!

    So without further ado, we’ve put together a list of some of the hottest and most haunted attractions in the Delaware area.

    Enter if you dare!  (Insert creepy music here).

    • 1. Bates Motel

      Nationally ranked in Top 5 for America’s Best Haunts!  2018 Best Haunt from CNN Travel.

      Don’t forget to check into the Bates Motel, for the most incredible display of terror and mayhem this side of Hollywood.

      More Info


    • 2. Frightland

      Named a Top 10 Scariest Haunted Attraction in the country by Travel Channel, Forbes and Huffington Post.

      Offering 8 unique haunted attractions including a 2 mile Haunted Hayride, four indoor haunted houses and much, much more. Additionally, we have a full amusement park with rides, carnival games and carnival food.

      More Info

    • 3. Field of Screams

      America’s #1 Haunted Attraction

      With FOUR intense attractions and a fun-filled entertainment area, Field of Screams is unlike anything that you have experienced before.  Journey through the dark cornfields, where terrifying creatures live and horrific acts occur.

      More Info

    • 4. Pennhurst Asylum

      PennHurst, the legendary haunted hospital complex has opened its doors after being abandoned for 25 years!

      Pennhurst haunted asylum is Pennsylvania’s Scariest destination haunted house! The fear is real at Pennhurst!

      More Info

    • 5. Halloween Nights at Eastern State Penitentiary

      A Massive Haunted House in a Real Prison

      Fifteen attractions inside the cell blocks and more surprises in store

      More Info

    • 6. Hockessin Haunted House

      We’ve had an overwhelming response from those still wanting tickets. We are currently wait list only. On occasion ticket holders do not arrive for their scheduled time, in which case tickets become available on the spot. However, we cannot guarantee or predict that. If you’d like to try to get tickets in person, arriving prior to 7pm on the remaining nights of operation (October 28th and 29th) would provide the best, but not definitive, chance.

    • 7. Fright Factory

      • Over 25,000 Square Feet of Haunted Attraction
      • Featured on the Travel Channel as one of the scariest haunted attractions in America

      More Info

    • 8. Creamy Acres Night of Terror

      • New Jersey’s Largest & Scariest Haunted Attraction at Creamy Acres Farm
      • The Harvest
      • Slaughter Cave
      • Dark Dreams
      • Ride of Terror
      • Haunted Paintball Hayride

      More Info

    • 9. The Valley of Fear & The Original Haunted Hayride

      Come ride through America’s most horrifying woods, on what the independent website, has called “one of the best we have ever been on” including a graveyard they called “absolutely amazing.” With gigantic sets and a twisting, disorienting trail, you’ll see why we were recently named Hayride Of The Year and the all new 2021 production of the Original Haunted Hayride will top all others!

      More Info

    • 10. Terror Labs


      If you’re looking for fun, excitement, and heart-pounding fear, Terror Labs will fill your prescription to a tee! Located in Pottstown, PA, Terror Labs is celebrating our 6th blood-curdling season. Our mad doctors, former patients, and formerly living experiments are eager to greet you. No appointment necessary.

      More Info

    • 11. Jason's Woods

      • 5 mind blowing attractions
      • Selected as the #1 Haunted Trail in America by Haunt Rater

      More Info


    • 12. House In The Hollow

      A true classic haunted mansion with an extensive cemetery and cavernous crypt in Bucks County

      More Info

    • 13. Lehigh Valley Scream Park

      • Ultimate Zombie Paintball Ride
      • 4 Terrifying Attractions
        • Hollow of Horror Hayride
        • Hillbilly Hell
        • Slaughter Barn
        • Psychopath Corn Maze

      More Info