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Delaware Stores Closed On Thanksgiving Day

Delaware Stores Closed On Thanksgiving Day Sure cooking a bird and spending all down in the kitchen, on your feet, doesn't sound appealing to everyone.  And yes, some people would absolutely agree that shopping is more fun than cooking or cleaning.  And some people may think cooking and cleaning is more fun than family togetherness. But, if you do happen to be one who likes to get started with your Black Friday shopping on Thanksgiving Day, be sure to check which stores will actually be open. Several big box stores will close their doors to allow their employees to spend the holiday with family and friends, according to BlackFriday.com. Over the years, many stores jumped on the bandwagon, and opened their doors to get the Black Friday lines going early.  This seems to be a thing of the past, from the looks of all the stores on this list that will be closed. It's so important to allow employees the time off, especially during the holiday season.  Everyone needs a break once in a while and a chance to spend time with loved ones.    Not to mention, it shows you're thankful for them too! These are Delaware stores closed on Thanksgiving Day:

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