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In York County Pennsylvania, there is an urban legend that entails the Seven Gates of Hell. These are physical gates that appear to the human eye as you pass through and discover each one. Legend has it, any one who reached the fifth gate was never seen again. It’s said to be in the wooded area off of Trout Run in the northwestern part of Hellam Township in York County, Pennsylvania. There’s many different rumors of the seven gates of hell, including one about an asylum where people were trapped and killed.

The Most Popular Version of the Seven Gates of Hell Urban Legend…

The urban legend of the seven gates of hell in York County takes many different forms and variations. One version, according to Roadtrippers, is about a mental institution that used to be located in Hellam Township, Pennsylvania. The mental asylum was isolated from the rest of the public because it housed “such insane” patients. Then one day, back in the 1800s, a fire started and consumed many of the patients. Some patients escaped but were beaten to death when found. Legend has it, the gates were put up by the local search party to trap any remaining patients of the mental asylum.

Another version, stated by DrivinVibin, of the story does not involve a mental asylum, yet instead, a doctor who lived on the property. He built the gates himself to keep any trespassers from entering his property.

What Both Stories Can Agree On…

Both versions of the Seven Gates of Hell stories agree that anyone who passes through the fifth gate will never be seen again. They also both say that only the first gate can be seen during the day, but the other six only become visible at night. If you pass all seven gates of hell, you go directly to hell.

Where Are The Seven Gates of Hell Located?

The Seven Gates of Hell are located in York County, Pennsylvania in Hellam Township. It’s said that the first gate, which is the only gate out of all seven that can be seen during the daytime, is located in a wooded area along Trout Run Road. The drive to York County Pennsylvania from Wilmington, Delaware is about 2 hours long. WJBR does not recommend or advise people to visit the seven gates of hell, not only because of the malicious urban legend, but because the grounds are marked as private and you would be trespassing by entering the area.

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