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Delaware Reddit user Independent-Carob-76 asked the public forum, is it “Slower, lower or Lower, slower Delaware?” The people of Delaware Reddit answered the call…

The majority of votes say it’s definitely “Slower, Lower” and not the other way around. The most significant memory of the saying goes back to the turtle mascot that was seen on t shirts, stickers, license plates and more. It was a green turtle with a colorful shell and it usually accompanied the writing, “i love slower lower Delaware” on the merchandise.

The “Lower Slower” argument also comes from merchandise. You may have seen the bumper stickers that are commonly mistaken for a psychedelic drug, which could be the reason for its popularity. The pun of LSD, meaning Lower Slower Delaware became popular quickly with bumper stickers, and thus a new generation of the saying was born.

Minimum_Schedule_277 on Reddit stated, “Slower, lower, but south of Middletown.” This implies that the saying does not include Wilmington, Newark, or Middletown itself. This, I think everyone cane agree on.

Phl4ever said, “It is Slower Lower. Lower Slower was made by people not from DE because they thought LSD would be a funny bumper sticker.”

_wednesday76_ chimed in stating, “i feel like Lower Slower is a thing so people could make LSD bumper stickers.”

Alysli said, “Slower Lower, 100%. My now-husband, from Sussex, even got me a t-shirt when we were dating in college twenty-odd years ago that said Slower Lower. Lower Slower just sounds like I’m drunk if I say it out loud.”

Read more of the Delaware Reddit thread by clicking here.

Which one do you say? Lower slower or slower lower Delaware?


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