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Delaware Has The Naughtiest Bachelorette Parties In The Country

A new survey says that the first state has the naughtiest bachelor/bachelorette hotspots in the US! has revealed that Delaware leads the charge in something…not so great!

“If you and your partner live in Delaware and your partner is heading to a bachelor or bachelorette party, you best be Dela-wary. Of our 6,000 respondents, 88.9% got up to some naughty behavior at a bachelor or bachelorette party. Of these, 61.1% took place at a bachelor party and 27.8% took place at a bachelorette” according to

The survey asked 6,000 males and females from across the country to find out who cheated the most.

The Top Naughtiest Bachelor/Bachelorette Hotspots in the US shook out like this:

  1. Delaware
  2. North Dakota
  3. Idaho
  4. New Mexico and Rhode Island
  5. Alabama
  6. South Dakota
  7. West Virginia
  8. New Hampshire and Wyoming

So what does this survey classify as “naughty behavior?”

Luckily the top answers aren’t TOO insane.

Of the people surveyed that naughtiest behavior would be receiving a certain dance at a certain club. Wink wink.

The second naughtiest thing was kissing some else! Followed by signing up for dating apps while on a bachelor or bachelorette party.

There are “other” naughty behaviors that may be a little to wild for this site, but you can find the entire survey here.

So between brides and grooms…who is the naughtiest?!

Bachelorettes admitted to a total of 362 incidents, which makes up just over 5% of the total number of incidents. Grooms follow right behind with 4.8% percent of naughty incidents reported.

This means that guests on the bachelor or bachelorette parties are the naughtiest! They accounted for over 87% of naughty incidents.

A new survey says that the first state has the naughtiest bachelor/bachelorette hotspots in the US!

Delaware Has The Naughtiest Bachelorette Parties In The Country

13 Rules for Gas Station Etiquette

Gas stations in Wilmington, Delaware especially, can be tricky to maneuver on weekends when everyone wants to fill up before going down to Southern Delaware for the beaches. Some of the hardest gas stations to maneuver can be the ones with a popular convenience store attached, such as the Super Wawa’s on Philadelphia Pike, or Naamans Road for example. This is primarily because of people going into the store to buy something while their car is being filled with gas.

Delawareans and drivers in the tri state area have voiced their opinions on the vacant gas pumper rule. And it’ll for sure make our list of 13 rules for gas station etiquette. If you’re not one of those Tesla drivers, you’ll want to read this and be sure to follow protocol the next time you fill up your tank.

  • Don't Top Off Your Tank

    13 Rules for Gas Station Etiquette
    Topping off your tank after the auto shut-off activates is actually a waste of money. Some gas pumps actually explain this directly on the pump itself. Trying to “squeeze out” every drop to “really fill up your tank” is a waste of time and money because it releases more fumes into your car than it should, while the pump is still ticking and adding up the price. Just let the auto shut off do its job and you’ll be fine.

  • Try to Park on the Right Side; If the Nozzle Reaches Your Tank You're Good

    13 Rules for Gas Station Etiquette

    READ CAREFULLY: If the nozzle reaches your tank, then you’re good. This does not condone parking on an angle and blocking other drivers from reaching another pump, or exiting after they’re done. This rule refers to parking on the correct side of the pump that your gas tank is on. If you park appropriately, some nozzles will stretch to the opposite side of the car and you won’t have to reposition your vehicle. If you can make it work without breaking the pump or nozzle and you won’t spill any gas doing so, then have at it. Just stretch it across your car. But pro tip: Your car should have an arrow pointing to the side that the gas cap is on, on your dashboard. If you forget, just look for the directional arrow to tell you.

  • Stay In Your Own Line Or Forfeit Your Place

    13 Rules for Gas Station Etiquette

    If the gas station is very busy and cars are waiting in line, then whatever line you pick is your line to stay in. It doesn’t matter if another pump opens up. The pump you are waiting for is the only pump that “belongs to you” at that moment. If you leave your place in line to try and get a new pump you automatically forfeit your place and you may have to wait again if someone beats you there…

  • Don't Cut The Lines

    (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

    Our third rule leads us to number four. If others are waiting in line, don’t cut them off. They’re waiting for a reason. Just because you pulled in from the other side doesn’t mean you get the spot before them.

  • Form Lines On One Side

    (Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

    Don’t form lines on more than one side of the gas station. This only becomes confusing and prone to accidents. If there’s a line formed for a pump, just continue that line or find a new pump.

  • Pump and Go!

    13 Rules for Gas Station Etiquette

    Pump your gas and leave. Don’t sit in your car texting, eating, drinking, talking, while at the pump. Pull out of the spot so someone else can use it and continue with what you’re doing outside of the gas pump spot. This is just a simple courtesy to others, especially if it’s a very busy gas station.

  • Pull Up To the Far Pump

    13 Rules for Gas Station Etiquette

    If the gas station is empty and someone is following you into the pump areas, then pull up as far as you can so that the other driver does not have to go around you.

  • If There's A Line, Help Waiting Cars Find A Spot While You Pump

    13 Rules for Gas Station Etiquette

    Let’s say there are 3 spots in a line. A front, middle, and back. If you’re in the back and there’s a line waiting, they may not be able to see the middle or the front. If a spot opens up in those places and the car doesn’t move, then you should mention to the waiting car that it is open. They should then pull around you and go to the empty spot.

  • If There Are Other Pumps Available, Don't Use the Handicap or Diesel Pumps

    13 Rules for Gas Station Etiquette
    If the gas station is empty, please opt for a pump that is only for gasoline and not diesel, if you do not have a diesel vehicle. Similarly, do not use the handicap access spot if you are not handicapped. These spots are dedicated for a reason. Diesel vehicles typically have to wait for a diesel pump to open, even in empty gas stations, because a gasoline-powered vehicle is using the pump they need.

  • Turn Off Your Engine

    13 Rules for Gas Station Etiquette

    The law actually states you cannot pump your gas with your vehicle running and unattended. It is highly recommended to turn off your engine while you pump your gas. It is better for the engine and also more safe. The engine is hot while you pump with it on and it could cause a fire or explosion. The same goes for creating electrostatic shock while you pump your gas. There are signs on gas pumps that instruct you to turn off your engine while you pump for a reason.

  • Take Your Receipt Or Throw It Away

    13 Rules for Gas Station Etiquette

    If the pump prints a receipt, then take it. Don’t leave it for the next person. It’s not their trash to deal with.

  • Don't Vandalize the Pumps...

    13 Rules for Gas Station Etiquette

    Can’t believe this has to be written on a list of rules, but please don’t vandalize the gas pumps. No one cares about your politics or love life. These gas pumps belong to business owners in your community.

  • Absolutely No Smoking At the Pumps

    13 Rules for Gas Station Etiquette

    This is just basic science. Smoke vapors and gasoline do not mix well. Or rather, they mix so well, they combust. If you see someone smoking at the pump, it’s best to avoid the station as a whole.