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Today’s “Franiak The Brainiac” Questions And Answers

Every Wednesday, 5 questions stand between you and the glory of knowing you beat Justin. Below you will find today’s “Franiak The Brainiac” questions and answers.

It all started when Justin claimed he was smarter than a 5th grader. He in fact, was not. But let’s face it, not many of us are.

So we changed the structure. We pulled basic bar trivia. Even that wasn’t good enough. Justin still lost.

Then, we promised him football themed questions for a day. We had mercy on him. He was losing too much. That didn’t work either.

Would you have gotten any of these questions right? Pulled from The Smart Backyard, we compiled a list of questions and put Justin and one lucky listener to the test.

How did it pan out? Well, just give it a listen! But first, see if you can answer these yourself:

Trivia Question: What year did colleges start playing football?

Answer: 1869.

The first football games on a college level were played first in 1869. It was a match between Rutgers University and the College of New Jersey (known as Princeton today).


Trivia Question: What was the football league initially called before it was changed to NFL?

Answer: American Professional Football Association (APFA).


Trivia Question: Who is the highest-paid player in NFL history?

Answer: Peyton Williams Manning.

Total earnings: $248.7 million.


Trivia Question: Which state has produced the highest number of players featured in the football hall of fame?

Answer: Texas.


Trivia Question: What is the former name for the Chicago Bears?

Answer: Decatur Staleys.


Bonus Question or Tie Breaker:

Trivia Question: Which is the most recent NFL team to change its name?

Answer: Washington Football Team, 2020.


Listen to Today’s episode here:

Make sure to listen next week or try your hand at beating Justin in “Franiak The Brainiac”!





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