Deanna and Justin In The Morning

Deanna & Justin’s What In The Wheel –Let’s be honest, we’re curious about a lot of things. Justin googles everything, Deanna is always analyzing situations and Hollywood Kyle has random, off-the-wall shower thoughts.

So why not make a bit out of it? If you had the ability to explore every curiosity you’ve ever had, wouldn’t you? Hence, The Wheel!

We made a wheel with our faces on it. We spin it every Friday morning around 8:30. Whoever it lands on has to pick something from their list of wonders to accomplish over the weekend.

Then, we will report back to you on Tuesday the following week, with what we’ve discovered. You’re welcome to chime in too if you know something about what we’re exploring! We could always use a little more info on what we’re getting ourselves into.

Some of our curiosities include: Olympic weightlifting, skydiving, ghost-hunting, deep sea exploration, driving stick, giving the perfect haircut, and so much more. It ranges from the most ordinary to the most extraordinary.

This segment is a chance for us all to explore a little deeper, things that have always intrigued or interested us. We want you to be a part of it! Feel free to send in ideas or help us with the ones that are selected each week.

Tune in to Deanna & Justin in the Morning to listen to what the curiosity of the week is and how we’re going to accomplish it. Then, make sure you check back here every week if you missed it. The activity will be chosen on Fridays and recapped on Tuesdays at 9.

You can even scroll back in this post and look at past episodes. So what are we waiting for? Let’s get this show on the road! Are you ready?


  • Deanna Marie Goes Skydiving

  • Hollywood Kyle Interviews the Nanticoke Tribe

  • Justin Gets On TV???

  • Justin Gives Kyle A Haircut

  • Deanna Skates With The Griffin Brothers

  • Justin Smashes Things

  • Kyle Holds A Tarantula

  • Justin Learns To Pose Like A Bodybuilder

  • Deanna and Justin Ride The Zamboni At The Flyers Game

  • Kyle's Picture Goes Up Inside Mr. Pasta

    Hollywood Kyle at Mr Pasta

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