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It seems like it’s been forever since we’ve needed to memorize a new number. That will change as new area codes are coming to the Philly region.

We can list the codes we use off the top of our heads right?

We use 610, 215, 484, 302, 267, 856, 609, 410, and 443 almost everyday. It’s very impressive how we have memorized almost eight numbers just to call our friends.

You can add another number and area code to that list according to 6ABC.

That new area code will be 835.

The new code is needed because the available phone numbers in the 610 and 484 area codes are running low.

The 610 and 484 are code regions mostly serve suburban Philadelphia and parts of the Lehigh Valley.

The earliest date well see the 836 area code pop up will be September 2, 2022 according to the Pennsylvania Public Utility Comission.

But don’t worry, people with existing 610 and 484 area codes will be able to keep their current numbers.

Companies or individuals seeking a new number for any reason may be assigned the new 835 area code starting at the beginning of September.

Shockingly, its been almost 20 years since a new area code has been introduced to the area. It really feels like only a few years ago that 484 started popping up on my caller ID.

The 484 area code was introduced all the way back in 1999.

Remember when we only needed 7-digits to call up our friends? Those times have come and gone quickly.

Looks like someone will need to capitalize on making hats with 835 so people can represent their area code when they travel.

If you see a 835 pop up on your Iphone in the future, pick up! It could be your friends or family since new area codes are coming to the Philly region.

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