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Dwayne Johnson attends the World Premiere Of Disney's "Jungle Cruise" at Disneyland on July 24, 2021 in Anaheim, California.

Ever since Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher openly admitted to hardly showering themselves and their kids, the topic of celebrity showering has got us wondering if people like The Rock shower often.

On Friday (August 6), the 49-year-old former wrestler responded to a fan’s tweet speculating about his shower status, noting that he couldn’t “possibly be one of those stinky ones and we would all be weirdly heartbroken to find out otherwise.”

The Rock laid out his very specific shower regimen, not only destroying the notion that he might have been a filthy celeb, but detailed as to how he showers and how often: “Shower (cold) when I roll outta bed to get my day rollin’. Shower (warm) after my workout before work. Shower (hot) after I get home from work. Face wash, body wash, exfoliate and I sing (off key) in the shower.”

Another fan pointed out that Johnson is a person of color, noting the debate comes from white celebrities speaking candidly about their lax bathing standards.

“I think they forgot you were a POC?” the commenter tweeted. “Cause this debate is only for… nvm. I just wanna know why a COLD shower so early in the morning? I’m cringing thinking about it.”

Johnson responded with “Yup, I know sis,” adding a laughing emoji and a brown fist. “And to clarify, the morning show is cold-ish. Not ‘WTF am I doing’ cold, but ‘ok this is chilly water and I’m really awake now ready to kick start my day’ cold. Give it a shot.”

Another user responded to The Rock’s shower regimen saying, “This is…weirder than not showering?” To which the Rock defended back, “Nothing weird about this my friend. I workout twice a day and then I go to work for 12+ hours. I shower 3xs. Easy to understand.”

Johnson’s comments follow Kunis and Kutcher sparking the topic of showering when they both agreed to only wash their children if they saw dirt on them. “Otherwise, there’s no point,” Kutcher said. As for their own showering habits, Kunis and Kutcher both said that they refrain from using soap on their entire bodies every day.

“I wash my armpits and my crotch daily, and nothing else ever,” Kutcher said. “I got a bar of Lever 2000 that delivers every time. Nothing else.”

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