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Chris Pratt Faces Backlash For Destroying Historic House

Chris Pratt faces backlash once again -- this time, for hollowing out a historic home. He and his wife, Katherine Schwarzenegger, have both been getting blasted on social media by folks learning that the couple destroyed a historic landmark. [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="408"] (Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Disney)[/caption] The couple recently demolished a famous house to build a 15,000 sq. ft. mansion across the street from Schwarzenegger's mother, Maria Shriver. According to Entertainment Weekly, Pratt and Schwarzenegger bought the 1950 Zimmerman house last year, designed by architect Craig Ellwood, in Los Angeles. The Guardians of the Galaxy star and his wife purchased the home for $12.5 million and contracted architect Ken Ungar to design their new house in his signature, ubiquitous, modern farmhouse style. The Los Angeles Conservancy, a nonprofit dedicated to preserving historic places in the city, called the house "a noteworthy example of Modernist design from this era" on their Instagram. According to the Conservancy, the SurveyLA program identified the house "as potentially historic" though no protections were offered as such. Katherine posted photos recently from the property on Instagram, with folks bashing the couple in the comments section. One person wrote: "You guys demolished a Craig Ellwood? Wow, you suck so much." Another questioned, "Did you show your children how you tore down a historic mid century modern home?" A third commented, "I truly hope y’all demolishing a piece of history and an architecturally significant home is the catalyst for change when it comes to preserving things. The entire thing is just disgusting." https://www.instagram.com/p/C54FDRDy8DZ/ Chris Pratt Faces Backlash Pratt has not publicly commented on the backlash at press time. His last social media appearance was a few days ago on Instagram, showing how he got injured while filming his upcoming sci-fi thriller, Mercy. More folks angry about the demolition of the historic house didn't hold back and commented on this post as well. One person said, "So bummed he destroyed a historic mid century house in Brentwood. Guess when you have 12 million to blow, why not destroy a piece of art." A second commented, "Shame on you both. Mid century architecture in LA is part of this his city’s history.. especially one so perfectly in tact. Terrible decision. Most would have coveted that gorgeous home." Asked another, "How could you destroy a WORK OF ART??? There weren’t OTHER LOTS IN LA to build a farmhouse??? No one in your circle mentioned that it was a Craig Elwood MASTERPIECE ???? To build a builder- grade farmhouse??" https://twitter.com/prattprattpratt/status/1781141924323426332 This isn't the first time Pratt has faced backlash in recent years. As we previously reported, Pratt faced backlash after he was believed to belong to Hillsong Church, an allegedly anti-LGBT+ megachurch. A few years before that, he [inlink id="katherine-schwarzenegger-sees-what-people-say-about-chris-pratt" text="faced backlash"] when he praised Katherine after the birth of their daughter Lyla, now 3, to be insensitive to ex-wife Anna Faris and their son Jack, 11, who was born seven weeks premature and faced health concerns as a result. [select-gallery gallery_id="596063" syndication_name="celebrities-june-birthday" description="yes"]

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