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Wolfgang Van Halen has confirmed that the rumored Van Halen reunion tour with Michael Anthony was supposed to happen, and a big reason why was to, more or less, clear the air between the two of them.

Wolfgang infamously replaced Anthony as Van Halen’s bassist in 2006 when David Lee Roth rejoined the band. At that time, Wolfgang was only 15 years old. When asked in a new interview with Rolling Stone whether he ever had a chance to talk to Anthony about that whole situation, Wolfgang said, “Never had too much of an opportunity. That’s kind of what that whole tour was supposed to be. And then it never panned out. I was really looking forward to speaking with him, and that hasn’t happened yet. I’m looking forward to the opportunity that I have in the future to speak with him.”

When asked whether he wanted to talk to make sure there weren’t any “hard feelings,” Wolfgang responded, “I mean, I don’t think there are. I’ve seen things he’s said. He’s always been an amazing guy.”

Wolfgang said earlier this week that he had pitched the Van Halen reunion tour to his father, Eddie Van Halen, since 2015, and that the reunion tour would feature Roth, Sammy Hagar and potentially Gary Cherone on vocals. Wolfgang said the tour was very much in the works, but it had to be scrapped due to his father’s declining health.

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