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As we reported, Ryan Reynolds recently used his platform for good when he helped a offered a reward to help a woman named Mara Soriano to find her stolen teddy bear. The missing toy had a recording of her mother’s voice; her mother has since passed away.

Reynolds tweeted about the lost item and offered a $5000 reward to whoever found it. Now he has announced that the bear was recovered.

On Twitter, Ryan updated fans on the search. He wrote, “In happier news… thank you everyone who searched high and low. To the person who took the bear, thanks for keeping it safe. Vancouver is awesome. #FoundMarasBear.

Mara thanked the actor for his help, writing, “THANK YOU RYAN! This wouldn’t have been possible without your signal boost!” She also added that the bear was returned in good shape. “NOT A SINGLE SCRATCH ON HER,” she said.