Jennifer Scordo

2:00pm - 7:00pm

An Amazon delivery woman in Magnolia, Delaware has a great sense of humor!

She was delivering a package recently when she noticed a note left on the door from the 13 year old that lives in the home..  It said, “Knock three times, scream Abra Cadabra and run away as quickly as you can!”

And the delivery woman complied!

Watch the video that was recorded on the home’s Nest camera..

'Abra Cadabra!': Amazon Delivery Woman Follows Delaware Teen's Hilarious 'Additional Instructions'

MAGNOLIA, Del. (CNN) - Receiving a package that you ordered can make for a joyous moment. But for one Delaware family, their smiles were turned into full-blown laughter after their Amazon delivery woman followed their particular set of delivery instructions perfectly. Download The New And Improved CBS Philly App!