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Rod Stewart has been having a difficult time being away from performing during the coronavirus pandemic.

Stewart’s wife, Penny Lancaster, said in an interview with U.K.’s Daily Mail (as transcribed by The Mirror), “He’s a workaholic, so there is a frustration there. He just wants to be out on stage. He feels he’s had retirement forced on him, as his upcoming tours this year have been canceled, which he doesn’t like.”

While Stewart certainly isn’t actually retiring any time soon, Lancaster added, “I’ve actually been finding it difficult to get him to social distance. He’s of an age where he is in the high-risk category, and being a man increases the risk, too. He won’t have it. He thinks he’s Mr. Invincible.”

One thing Stewart has done during the pandemic is be Mr. Thoughtful. Last month after seeing a story about a local nurse who’s a mother of three overcome COVID-19, he sent her a signed photo and a check for £5,000 ($6,106 USD.) On the photo, Stewart wrote, “Hi Natasha, a small gift to help you through the rough times.”

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