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As we reported, Gabrielle Union and Julianne Hough were both cut from America’s Got Talent, and back in November there were allegations of a toxic culture at the show. Later, Union revealed that AGT’s set was culturally and racially insensitive. Now, she is officially going after the network.

Per the Daily Mail, Union has now filed a complaint claiming  an entertainment chairman tried to silence her reports of racism. The complaint is against NBC Universal, Simon Cowell, and production companies FremantleMedia and SyCo, both of which are owned by Cowell.

In a statement, Bryan Freedman, Union’s lawyer states, “When Gabrielle Union informed NBC of racially offensive conduct during the taping of America’s Got Talent, NBC did not ‘stand’ with her in ‘outrage at acts of racism.”‘

He added, “Instead, NBC did not care enough to either promptly investigate Ms. Union’s complaints or even ask HR to get involved. Rather, NBC stood against her and directed its ‘outrage’ at Ms. Union for whistleblowing about the racially offensive conduct she experienced while working for NBC on America’s Got Talent.”

As the Daily Mail adds, “The harassment, discrimination and retaliation complaint was filed with California’s Department of Fair Employment and Housing and could pave the way for a lawsuit.”