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The most anticipated and arguably the biggest title leading the Xbox Series X console is the long awaited addition to the Halo legacy, Halo Infinite.

Given that Microsoft has said practically nothing about what to expect from the title that is leading the Xbox Series X console that is due to release Holiday 2020, it’s apparent that some people are still clueless that there is another Halo coming. Fortunately, this time, I’m not the only one! Many people were in the dark about this game, and many still are. And the ones who do know about Halo Infinite still don’t know what exactly to  expect, because like we just said, no one is talking about it!

Watch the official Halo Infinite trailer below:

Halo Infinite is set to release along with the Xbox Series X, most likely in bundle packages too, and fans are understandably hungry for any drip or drop of news that they can learn about the game. Halo community manager John Junyszek has now shared a tease for Halo Infinite as it relates to its use of Medals in the game. Replying to a fan who remarked that Medals feel meaningless in Halo 5 because they are doled out so generously, Junyszek said, “We’re definitely aware of this feedback,” adding the smiley face and punch emojis to his message, to somewhat ensure that it is being taken care of.

Many of the Halo players agree that the medal system needs some tweaking, as they just became pointless after a while, especially in Halo 5. Although this is a somewhat unimportant aspect of the game, it’s nice to see game developers recognizing feedback and furthermore, replying to it, especially when nothing has been really said about the game itself.

Halo Infinite is ready for its proper unveiling at the Xbox 20/20 event in July of this year. It is the third Halo game developed by 343 industries by Microsoft, after taking over Bungie’s spot. Halo 5 was highly criticized for its letdown of a campaign, but Halo Infinite is determined to renew the campaign’s focus on Master Chief once again. Also, let it be known, that the style of gameplay and the art within the game will be more like older Halo days. By my suspicions, maybe Halo 3 or Halo Reach? We’ll have to wait and see if everyone can sprint the same or if it will be an ability, or no abilities at all. Those seemed like the most major game changers in the subsequent order of the games following Halo 3.

Halo Infinite is a launch title for the Xbox Series X and is also being made available for Xbox One and PC but not PlayStation, since it is a Microsoft owned Developer. Xbox Game Pass subscribers on Xbox and PC can get the new Halo game at no extra cost.

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