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Def Leppard has a new live album in the works involving a recording from a 1980 London show while they were on tour in support of On Through the Night.

Joe Elliott revealed the news in a recent interview where he said the live album is “a brand-new, just-mixed live performance from the Oxford Theatre in 1980…which has never been heard ever.”

While Elliott didn’t reveal too many details on the release, he did say, “But I tell you this much: The band, as I said in the liner notes, when you peer through the curtain of uncertainty that my voice was back in those days, there is a fantastic band onstage. And the two-arm Rick Allen with [bassist Rick Savage] was some rhythm section to come, considering he was 16 years old and Sav was 17, I think, maybe 18. And Pete [Willis] and Steve [Clark] were 17 and 18 years old. It was some band.”

Def Leppard’s last live album, And There Will Be a Next Time…Live from Detroit, came out in February 2017 and was recorded in July 2016.


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