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“Road improvements are on the horizon,” as DelDot states in the video below…

Starting in 2021, DelDot plans to rework Wilmington’s major highway, I-95. This road work will stretch 6 miles from I-495 to North of the Brandywine River. Not to mention, the project as a whole is estimated to take 3 years from start to finish. “This section was built in 1964 and widened in 1978 and is starting to show its age.”

The benefits of this major highway renovation are enhanced road safety, road efficiency, and will ultimately extend the life of I-95 for at least another 30 years. New ramps will also be constructed, to and from the city of Wilmington.

Del Dot fully understands the amount of traffic delays and impacts this project will cause, and “does not take it lightly.” Due to the amount of work that needs to be done, DelDot is suggesting to expect delays and plan ahead to take a different route. If these changes are not made in the near future of 2021, DelDot would have to completely reconstruct this section from scratch, costing much more money and taking a much longer time.

The road will become smoother and safer for vehicles, due to brand new road surfaces that are designed for longevity. New parapets will be installed as well that are up to current date requirements.

Overall, DelDot is collaborating with the City of Wilmington to make sure the new roadways can benefit overall life in the city.


The initial project is set to start in March of 2021.

Stages 2 and 3 of the project will see the major traffic delays. During stage 2, 95 Northbound will be completely closed, and Southbound will work as two way traffic, one lane each direction. This stage is estimated to last at least 10 months. With this being said, DelDot strongly recommends using an alternative route.

Stage 3 will begin in Spring 2022. The Northbound side will reopen with two way traffic. Local traffic only will have access on the Southbound side of 95, while the other southbound lane will remain closed for repairs. Halfway through stage 3, the local lane and closed lane will flip. Stage 3 is set to last approximately 1 year.


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