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NEW YORK, NY - JULY 17: Beauty YouTuber Jaclyn Hill visits Build to discuss the Morphe X "Jaclyn Hill Palette" at Build Studio on July 17, 2018 in New York City. (Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images)

Beauty blogger Jaclyn Hill has completely disappeared from social media following massive amounts of backlash over her makeup line.

Last month, following a series of extremely successful partnerships with other cosmetics lines like Becca and Morphe, Hill released her own line, Jaclyn Cosmetics. But almost immediately, fans began complaining on social media and YouTube about the product, reporting hairs, fibers, hard bumps, mold, air bubbles and a myriad of other issues in the lipsticks.

In the last video uploaded to her YouTube channel, Hill assured fans that her lipsticks were completely safe for use, despite users complaining of hair and other foreign substances in the product.

“All of the products in these vats are 100% FDA-approved ingredients and totally good and safe for you to use,” she said in the video uploaded two weeks ago.

“We made a lot of product in a very short amount of time, and although we all thought it was gonna be perfect and fresh, that’s not the case,” she added.

She also argued that the fibers and hairs seen on the lipsticks were from the factory’s use of white cotton gloves during processing.

But now, as the controversy has only picked up since then, Hill has deleted all of her social media accounts and has shut down her e-commerce website. Only her YouTube remains.

On June 22, her company issued a statement that they would be providing refunds to anyone unhappy with their products.

But fans were disappointed that Hill did not issue a recall for the products instead, considering what consumers had allegedly found in the products.

In the latest damning moment, longtime beauty blogger and MakeupGeek CEO Marlena Stell uploaded a 1.5-hour long video about Hill and the facility she used being subpar. Stell had experience with the facility, having scrapped her own line with them after the product was dirty and subpar.

Dear Influencers

PLEASE READ: Not going to lie, I'm extremely anxious posting this video however, if I didn't post my story and thoughts on everything, it would continue to eat away at me slowly.

Following this upload, Hill deleted her accounts and has not been seen since. The closest update came from the Instagram account JaclynHillCloset, which is a private account.

However, according to Patheos, the post read:

“Jaclyn’s social media accounts are down. She needs some time away from the criticism. Jaclyn is human, just like all of us, and we all make mistakes. I can look back at quite a few in my life. It’s not easy when you’re down, and you see all the negativity. Some forget Jaclyn has had great success as well. I don’t need to list them in this post. But I will say her kind heart is one of the greatest attributes and that to me is a success. I know I will also be attacked by some saying how can I know this information. Her boyfriend’s mom is a very kind person and follows me. I messaged her because I was worried. Jaclyn is safe. She just needs time.”

No word on when Hill will return to social media.

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