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A lot of people are not happy with Demi Lovato right now.

While responding to a fan on Twitter, Lovato revealed that she once pranked a member of her crew by hiring a woman to enter his hotel room.

But that’s not the worst part.

Apparently, in addition to entering the man’s hotel room without his permission, the woman who was hired also grabbed him in his private area.

As Demi explains it, He freaked (explicit) out. She also added a “hahahahaha” at the end of the tweet.

The interaction transpired last night. Since then, Demi has removed the questionable tweet amid major backlash.

While some fans supported Demi, others said the prank is sexual assault.

Demi hopped back on Twitter this morning, and rather than apologize immediately, she insisted she could tweet about jelly beans and someone would find that offensive.

Not sure that tweet helped her argument.

For what it’s worth, hours later she did issue an apology and said she was sorry if she offended anyone.

You can see a screenshot of Demi’s initial tweet by clicking here.

How do you feel about that tweet?

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