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Pete Davidson has a message for people who say he shouldn’t date Ariana Grande — Or anyone for that matter.

Last week, we reported that Davidson and Grande were casually dating each other, following recent break ups on both sides.

Immediately following the news, people took to social media to voice their concern, saying Davidson shouldn’t date Grande or anyone because he is mentally ill.

Davidson, who is a successful actor on Saturday Night Live, took to Instagram Stories to voice his disapproval.

The statement was published on Just Jared.

Davidson said that having a mental illness does not mean the person can’t date, nor does it mean they can’t be in a happy relationship.

The actor, who was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder two years ago, says there are a lot of treatments available for people with mental illnesses and he has either tried them or is currently trying them.

While Pete says mental illness is a serious matter, those who suffer from mental illness should seek help and should not feel like they can’t do things that “normal” people can.

We applaud Pete for speaking up on the matter.

You can see the full statement here.

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